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Sector: Children, Youths, Parents, Education
Participated in the YFC programme before?: No
Name of Representative Elysa Chen
Contact Number 90016897
CampusImpact is a voluntary welfare organisation with IPC status that was founded in 2006, with the goal of helping the next generation build positive attitudes, pioneering spirits and purposeful lives. We believe that families are the building blocks of every society and we want to meet the dire need to restore the many strained parent-youth relationships in our community, particularly those who from low-income and disadvantaged families. Thus, CampusImpact seeks to provide quality and holistic services targeted at fostering reconciliation between parents and their children, and strengthening these relationships by equipping parents with better communication skills and building on the youths’ character.

Our Mission is to provide a holistic approach in character building for youths as they transit from childhood to adulthood, so that they will become useful citizens for the community and serve as pillars of strength for the nation.

Our Vision is to prepare a new generation with:
A Positive attitude
A Purposeful life
A Pioneering spirit

1. Learning Curve Education Programme: provides subsidised tuition classes to youths from low-income and disadvantaged families.

2. Holiday Programmes: character development programmes for the youths to encourage them to use their time constructively to learn new skills while building self-confidence and perseverance through meaningful and interesting activities.

3. Study Buddy Latch Key Kid Programme: The Study Buddy Programme is a pilot programme which was launched in 2018 to help children from families whose parents or guardians cannot take care of them by providing them with a conducive environment to complete their homework under the supervision of a youth worker. Students also get to do enrichment activities such as playing games to develop positive character traits.

Services for Parents with Youths
1. Parents Advisory Hotline: The Parents Advisory Hotline aims to provide a timely telephone counseling service to Mandarin-speaking parents with teenage children. Through the hotline, CampusImpact hopes to help parents resolve conflicts with their children and support parents who are dealing with behavioural issues from their teens.

2. Parenting Workshops: CampusImpact regularly conducts parenting workshops in collaboration with our community partners in the centre. These workshops seek to strengthen the bonds between parents and their children by equipping them with effective parenting skills and knowledge.

Services for Families
1. Face-to-Face Counselling: Providing families with a safe environment for them to work through the issues and challenges that they are facing, so that families will grow tighter-knit through their difficulties rather than being torn apart by conflict.

2. Family-bonding Activities: Together with our community partners, we regularly organise activities for parents and children to bond over meaningful family activities.


Intended use of funds through the YFC 2018 programme
1. Salary of Youth Worker and Salary of part-time Counsellor: We need to invest in skilled and passionate staff members so that we can meet the needs of our clients. We are hoping to expand our services to organise workshops and talks for the schools in our community by the second half of 2018.
2. Setting up a new computer room for students to do online learning: We will need new laptops for students to use
3. Renovation to the centre to expand the current music jamming room for the youths
4. CampusImpact Family Day: To hold a carnival and open house for existing and potential beneficiaries of CampusImpact by creating awareness in our community about the services and programmes we offer
5. Website revamp: Our current website and logo are very old and need a revamp. Together with this revamp, we will also need to spend money on new signage for the centre.
6. Purchase of software licences: eg. Adobe Photoshop
7. Digital Detox Camp: Running a camp for students to be weaned of their dependency on handphones and Internet addiction.


Engaging and involving the YFC participants
1. Orientation programme in the centre: I will invite the YFC teams to come for an orientation for me to share more about the programmes that we run here, as well as give them a tour of our premises.

2. Participating in volunteer training and appreciation sessions: We run regular volunteer training sessions and appreciation sessions for volunteers to touch base with them and receive feedback, share best practices and for volunteers to network over a meal. The YFC teams can join us during these sessions to get to know the challenges that the volunteers face.

3. Participating in programmes: YFC teams who are interested can also either take part in our day-to-day programmes and holiday programmes or even run an event for the students and their parents.