Morning Star Community Services Limited

Website: http://www.morningstar.org.sg
Address: No. 4 Lorong Low Koon Singapore 536450
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Morning Star Community Services is a registered charity and Institution of Public Character (IPC) which aims to enrich and strengthen family relationships in Singapore.

[Our Vision]:
Through empowering families and individuals, we strive to build vibrant communities that can make a difference to society.

[Our Mission]:
To enrich and strengthen family relationships in Singapore.

[After School Care Services]:
Our after school care services support the needs of families who require supervision and guidance for their primary school going children. Through our values-centric programme, preventive-teaching approach and through experiential learning, we encourage children to discover their own strengths and abilities.

[NOVA Intervention Programme]:
We started the NOVA Learning Support Programme in 2006 for mainstream children who encounter difficulties in school. Children enrolled in the programme exhibit weak foundational skills and poor interpersonal and decision-making habits, which affect their ability to learn and meet the requirements of school.

[Training & Workshops]:
We offer evidence-based parenting workshops which aim to empower families, by offering them practical skills and knowledge to strengthen family relationships.

[Counselling Therapy]:
We provide counselling for both children and adults alike. Our Play Therapist uses a wide range of play and creative arts techniques that helps what often lies deep within the surface. The therapy is deeply symbolic and helps the child experience healing or resolve internal conflict.

Our therapists use a systemic framework with proven therapeutic techniques that explores patterns of relating and coping. Through the process, adult clients gain insight, come to terms with obstacles faced and explore inner resources to achieve the goals they desire.

The free CareNights programme was launched to help parents from low-income families get respite from caregiving at night. Some of the criteria for children to get enrolled in the scheme include parents seeking to improve their employability by upgrading their skills, families seeking to improve their economic condition by working overtime or taking on a second employment at night, among others.

Intended use of funds through the YFC 2018 programme

Engaging and involving the YFC participants

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