The Eurasian Association

Website: http://www.eurasians.org.sg/
Address: 139 Ceylon Road
UEN No.:

The Eurasian Association has a long history of serving the interests of the Eurasian community in Singapore since its inception in 1919. In 1994, the EA was formally accorded “Self-Help Group” status by the Government to act on behalf of the Eurasian community in Singapore. The EA provides services for the community in three key areas: Educational Advancement, Family Support Services and Community Development.

As part of its mandate of serving the community, the EA works towards preserving the unique Eurasian heritage and traditions, as well as increasing awareness about Eurasians in Singapore. The Eurasian Community House is the home of the EA and Eurasian Heritage Centre, and is a focal point for the Eurasian community and a platform for us to work together for the good of the community.

Intended use of funds through the YFC 2018 programme

Engaging and involving the YFC participants

Name of Representative Revathhi
Email revathhi@eurasians.org
Contact Number 64471578