Rayse of Hope

Team Members:
Mohammad Fadli Shamsudin, Eugene Koh, Lim Man Ting, Lina Khairiyah

Social Cause:
Guide Dogs Association of the Blind

School Represented:
ITE College West

Estimated Public Awareness:

No. of Volunteers Mobilised:

Funds Raised:

Project Highlights:
Mass Blindfold Walkathon

  • Participants were blindfolded and their partner would guide them to complete certain tasks, such as crossing the road.
  • The team aimed to raise more awareness about the visually impaired and guide dog community as participants could experience how it feels to be in the shoes of the blind while taking part in the walkathon. Furthermore, they wished to create a more inclusive space for the visually impaired and their guide dogs to be in.

Team Reflections:

In Darkness, a ray of hope gives us life”. This is to encourage the public to place themselves in the shoes of the visually impaired and not to take things for granted. We hope to embolden Singaporeans to believe in whatever they do and not to give up so easily.