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Club Rainbow (Singapore)

Sector: Chronically-ill children with potentially life-threatening diseases, Children with Special Needs
Participated in the YFC programme before?: Yes
Name of Representative Sophia Lim
Contact Number 94524795

Description of Organization
Set up in 1992, Club Rainbow (Singapore), CRS, is a non-profit organisation with a mission to provide compassionate relevant services to the families of children who suffer from a range of major chronic and potentially life-threatening illnesses. CRS serves children as young as new-borns to youths of 20 years old.

Armed with the vision to be the leading service provider that meets the needs of these children and their families, CRS adopts a holistic approach to help our beneficiaries in 5 core aspects: Emotional Support, Social Integration, Educational Assistance, Therapy Services and Financial Assistance.


Intended use of funds through the YFC 2019 programme
For the funds raised through YFC 2018, we hope to be able to channel these donations to support the financial aid and core therapy services which we provide for our beneficiaries.

Last year, we provided financial aid for 266 families to ensure that they are able to continue to meet their daily needs, in spite of their staggering medical bills. 144 children attended 1719 sessions of our core therapy services which consisted of speech, occupational and physiotherapy, so that they are able to perform daily activities such as talking, feeding themselves and walking. This year, we are serving over 1000 children and their families through our various programs and services. The costs of providing these, range from for a session of water therapy for a child with neurological disorders to 0 for a session of speech therapy for a child with difficulty in speaking. For our children who come from disadvantaged families, they are provided with about 0 of monthly financial aid.


Engaging and involving the YFC participants
We would like to invite interested YFC teams to our DreamSeed Art Festival which showcases our talented beneficiaries. Over the course of the year, they would participate in arts development lessons, in areas of performing and visual arts. These lessons are funded by Club Rainbow (Singapore) via our Talent Development Fund. We believe that in spite of their chronic and potentially life-threatening health challenges, our beneficiaries are able to lead full, enriched lives and enjoy the arts like their healthier peers.

We hope that through witnessing the strength and resilience shown by our beneficiaries during this week-long arts festival, the volunteers can learn more about the work that we do at Club Rainbow (Singapore) and continue to partner us long after this YFC initiativeis over, to make a difference in the lives of these children.