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Disabled People’s Association

Sector: Disability
Participated in the YFC programme before?: Yes
Name of Representative Asha Karen
Contact Number 67911134

Description of Organization
The Disabled People’s Association (DPA) is a non-profit, cross-disability organisation, in Singapore dedicated to advocacy, policy and research. DPA’s mission is to be the voice of persons with disabilities, working with them to achieve full participation and equal status in the society through independent living. DPA is a full member of NCSS with Institute of Public Character Status.
DPA advocates for the rights of persons with disabilities by working with decision-makers to implement policies and programmes aimed at promoting social integration of persons with disabilities.
DPA encourages projects that are led by students and mentored by our team. Purple Fiesta, Project Illuminate – Servathon 2015 and More Than Dis 2016, are some of our remarkable student projects that raised awareness and promoted inclusion of people with disabilities in Singapore. More than Dis was even featured at the NCSS We Are Able Conference 2016. Team xceptional and the mentor of Project Fortis won award for YFC 2018.
DPA was the first advocacy organisation officially registered in Singapore. In 2016, DPA celebrated 30 years of advocating alongside persons with disabilities in Singapore. DPA invites you to join us in our journey towards an inclusive Singapore. To know more about DPA, please visit our website or Facebook
Students are change makers. When students are aware of inclusion and inclusive practices, that helps to build an inclusive society. We provide free disability awareness talks and interaction sessions with our Inclusion Ambassadors. The experiential learning will help the students to understand the needs and concerns of the people with disabilities in a better manner. With an inclusive mindset, they will be able to progress towards a more inclusive society for all. Come join us on this journey towards a more inclusive Singapore.


Intended use of funds through the YFC 2019 programme
We will use the funds through the YFC 2018 Programme for the following:
• Public Education and raising awareness
• Student Projects
• Inclusion Ambassadors Programme
• To nurture student advocates for inclusion of people with disabilities.
The overall aim is to contribute to the society.


Engaging and involving the YFC participants
We go through the following process:
• Initial meeting
• Disability awareness
• Interaction with Inclusion Ambassadors
• Discussing the ideas for YFC projects
• Allowing students to observe other student projects
• Proposal by students with roles indicates
• Mentorship by DPA
• Pre briefing and post -reflection – before and after every event
• Finale
• Final report and Impact study
• Identify the areas strength and improvement for DPA and Students
We offer unique opportunity to interact and work with people with disabilities contributing to society.