Causes You Can Support

Children’s Cancer Foundation

Sector: Children, Youth, Health
Participated in the YFC programme before?: Yes
Name of Representative Aisha
Contact Number 6229 3740
Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) is a non-profit organisation with a mission to improve the quality of life of children with cancer and their families and children impacted by cancer through enhancing their emotional, social and medical well-being.
Founded in 1992, CCF provides children with cancer and their families the much needed support in their battle against the life threatening illness. Over the years, CCF has helped more than 2,800 children and their families at different stages of the illness.


Intended use of funds through the YFC 2018 programme
The donations raised will facilitate the continued provision and improvement of the programmes and services for CCF beneficiaries and their families.


Engaging and involving the YFC participants
Teams supporting CCF will be invited for a workshop over at CCF community office, where they will learn more about childhood cancer and CCF.