Programme Mechanics

Can we sign up with a team of more or less than four members?

It is a programme requirement to have 4 members to sign up and represent the group. Additional members can still play an active role as part of the core team and volunteers!

Can we form team members from different schools?

Yes, of course! Look at ways to expand your network and encourage more people to contribute!

I am below 15 years old. Can I still participate in the programme?

You are eligible to participate in YFC as long as you turn 15 in the calendar year.

If you are below 15 years of age, you can still be a volunteer of another YFC team.

Can we champion a cause of an organization that is outside of Singapore?

No. This programme only supports local Voluntary Welfare Organizations with a valid Institute of Public Character (IPC) status.

We would like to support an organization that is not on the list of causes. What we should we do?

Please write into! We will have to first contact the organization and vet their application.

Our team was not selected for the YFC Selection Interview. What should we do?

Continue your project with your school and SSO. Keep on moving!

Can we begin our project before the project implementation period?

Your team could start planning beforehand, but all fundraising under YFC can only strictly take place during the YFC Implementation period. The House to House Street Collections License, which authorizes your team to solicit for funds in the public, will only be issued at the YFC Official Launch.

Where are your Mentors from?

The YFC Mentors are a fun, passionate group of corporate volunteers from diverse sectors and backgrounds! Do involve them in your YFC journey and learn as much as you can from them.

For further inquiries, please email

Seed Funding

What is the purpose of the seed funding?

The seed funding of $1,600 is the team’s capital for your YFC project. It should be used solely as ‘capital’ or the investment of goods and services for your fundraising efforts.

The SSO is to bear the expenditure for any excess spending above the given seed funding. Any remaining balance will be considered as a donation to the SSO.

When can the seed funding be collected?

The $1,600 seed funding will be issued to your SSO representative at the YFC Official Launch.

Please work closely with their them on the reimbursement process.


Are we allowed to conduct flag days?

No, flag days are NOT covered by the HHSC License.

The term “flag day” refers to the act of collecting money on the street for charitable purposes, whereby donors will be given a ‘flag’ or sticker for their contributions.

Instead, YFC teams can give a product or service and creatively share the cause, in exchange for a donation. Weave in the message of your cause in everything you do!

When can street sales be conducted?

Street sales are NOT permitted to conduct street sales on the following:

  • All Saturdays of the year
  • Wednesdays during June, as these are designated days for SSOs to conduct their flag days

Teams can still carry out other types of fundraising events or programmes during those days.

Does YFC provide tin cans or donation bags?

No, tin cans or donation bags will not be provided. Please approach your SSO on this.

Can YFC provide or loan logistics to the teams? Can we book YMCA’s venues for our activities?

We do not provide logistics for your event unless your team decides to hold the event at YMCA.

Please contact YMCA International House at for more information.

Are we allowed to sell food during our fundraising events?

Please note that the food your team is selling should be ready-made, retail-bought and pre-packaged.

Due to hygiene and licensing issues, you are strictly NOT allowed to sell food prepared from your own house.

Can we conduct online sales?

Yes. However, take note of the following:

  • Please provide legitimacy of your YFC involvement by indicating your team name, YFC global message, SSO description, YFC email/website in your order form or account details.
  • Keep us, along with your SSO/School informed and work closely with them on the collection of funds

Volunteer Management

Is there an age restriction for volunteers?

Youths below the age of 15 should be accompanied by someone who is above 15 years old, especially when it comes to the handling of money.

How should we brief our volunteers?

We would advise for you to create a simple fact sheet of the following:

  • Names/Contact Details of the Team & Event ICs
  • Description/purpose/start & end time of the event
  • Description of the Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes Programme
  • Description of your SSO’s mission, cause and contact details
  • How to respond to public queries about the project
  • Access to Collector’s Certificate of Authority
  • Suggested phrases: “We are proudly supporting organization ABC, as part of the Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes programme” or “We are part of the Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes programme. The funds raised will go to support the work of organization ABC.”

Inspire your volunteers for a greater cause!

How should we manage and motivate our volunteers?

  • Inspire, not incentivize your volunteers. Their reasons for volunteering should be for the difference they will make and experience they will get.
  • Please do NOT sell/give out free CIP/VIA hours as an incentive. Let’s promote the right values!
  • Create a positive volunteering experience for each volunteer
  • Every person counts! Know their names, care for them and thank them for their help

How should we settle the volunteer hours with our schools?

The SSO that you support should be providing and endorsing the hours to the school. Please work with them on this!