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Canossaville Children and Community Services

Sector: Children, Special Needs
Participated in the YFC programme before?: Yes
Name of Representative Damon Goh Jian Liang
Contact Number 81127424

Description of Organization
The setting for our organisation, Canossaville Children and Community Services (CCCS), is the Canossian Village, a unique complex situated in the Circuit Road/Aljunied Road neighbourhood that comprises 7 religious, education and care facilities in a single location under one management: a convent, a primary school, a special education school, an inclusive preschool, an inclusive student care centre, a child development unit, and a corporate services office.

The child development unit supports the Village through a multidisciplinary specialist team. Through sharing of knowledge and workflows, the Village aims to address the multi-faceted challenges of at-risk families in a holistic manner. The services provided are in the areas of: social work, resilience development (psychology and counselling), speech therapy, occupational therapy, and educational therapy.

This Village is the only one of its kind in Singapore. We are a unique model. The Canossian Village aims to integrate services across the traditional silos of early childhood, primary school, special needs and after school care. When done right, the child and the family are then supported holistically.

The work being done at The Village is critical as it focuses on forming hearts and transforming lives by proactively identifying and reaching out to the poor and disadvantaged families. The impact of our unique model is far reaching. At this young age, we have the opportunity to affect positive change and long-term impact on the child and family unit. In turn, the positive and far-reaching effects permeate to the surrounding community and future generations.

The key service user groups (beneficiaries) comprise an estimated 900+ children/direct service users between the ages of 18 months to 12 years, and another 900+ indirect service users (families).

The management of this Village comes under the Canossaville Children and Community Services.


Intended use of funds through the YFC 2019 programme
The funds raised will be used for the following:
1. Financial Assistance for children from under-privileged families through the Canossian Education Fund
2. Specialized Programmes for Children with Additional Needs
3. Maintenance of Premises and Facilities
4. Training and development of Staff and Volunteers


Engaging and involving the YFC participants
At Canossaville, we will be engaging our volunteers through the following platforms:

1. Volunteers Briefing and Orientation
– To allow our participants to better understand the village, we would be inviting them to our centre for a briefing and orientation session
– The session would include a presentation conducted by the CCCS Community Engagement Team and a guided tour around the village

2. Volunteers Training
– Training will be provided for participants to better equip them with skills in managing children
– Specialized training will also be provided for participants to understand how to work with persons with additional needs

3. Volunteering with CCCS
– Participants would get to interact with the children through an engagement session
– Participants will get to know who they are serving and better understand their needs through the session