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Sector: Children, Youths
Participated in the YFC programme before?: Yes
Name of Representative Elysa Chen Shiyun
Contact Number 90016897

Description of Organization
CampusImpact serves children and youths from low-income and disadvantaged families by providing a holistic approach to education so that our students can grow stronger academically, develop emotional resilience, and build deeper relationships with others. Our Mission is to provide a holistic approach in character building for youths as they transit from childhood to adulthood, so that they will become useful citizens for the community and serve as pillars of strength for the nation. Our Vision is to prepare a new generation with: positive attitudes, purposeful lives and pioneering spirits.

Programmes for Students:
a) At the Learning Curve, students receive academic support in small group tuition classes on weekday nights from 6pm – 9.30pm. Students are taught by trained volunteer tutors who serve as role models and support the academic development of their students while building up our students’ confidence and resilience.

b) Study Buddy provides youths with a home away from home – a safe and conducive place to study under the guidance of a youth programme executive. Besides supervising the students as they complete their homework, we also help students with poor literacy skills to acquire basic reading skills and develop a love for reading and learning. Students particularly look forward to Friday Specials, a time when we run games and activities to equip the youths with everyday skills to become independent (eg. How to manage money, goal-setting, teamwork, cyber-wellness) and instill values to help students build character and learn teamwork. The Study Buddies have also started a project, Buddy Hour, in which they record podcasts on various social issues.

c) Art therapy is an expansion of our counselling services as we offer an alternative to clinical counselling. It is a non-threatening means to provide intervention for students from low-income and disadvantaged families (divorced, parents with chronic illnesses) to manage their emotions and behaviour as they go through tumultuous periods in their lives and process the trauma they have experienced.

d) Evolve is an intervention targeting at-risk youths through weekly mentorship sessions in small groups. Through games, activities and group work, our counsellors and youth workers shape the attitudes of students on topics such as: motivation, boy-girl relationships, friendships, family, and personal safety.

e) Our holiday programmes provide opportunities for youths to use their leisure time constructively and meaningfully, helping them pick up important life skills and social skills to build healthier relationships with their peers. Youths can choose from a variety of activities, ranging from canoeing to ice-cream making. We also run regular workshops to provide youths with the knowledge and skills to increase their level of self-awareness, self-management and social skills.

Programmes for parents:
a) The Parents Advisory Hotline – free counselling services in English and


Intended use of funds through the YFC 2019 programme
a) Building an extension wing for therapy services (Art therapy, play therapy and dance therapy) to supplement their counselling sessions

b) Staff costs to hire one more youth social worker to engage at-risk youths in the Evolve programme

c) Art materials and snacks for the students

d) Volunteer training (Parenting hotline counsellors, Learning Curve volunteer tutors, Evolve volunteer mentors, Study Buddy volunteers and mentors)

e) Rental of premises

f) Speaker engagement fees for parenting workshops

g) Family-bonding programmes under Parenting Initiative

h) Publicity for programmes


Engaging and involving the YFC participants
a) We will do volunteer training to brief them on the mission and vision of the organisation, as well as the client profile of CampusImpact
b) YFC teams can serve as volunteers with the Study Buddies and run various workshops during the holidays
c) We have newsletters which will provide updates on the work that the organisation does