Caregiving Welfare Association

Sector: Elderly, Caregiving
Participated in the YFC programme before?: Yes
Name of Representative Peter Tan
Contact Number +6584822129


Description of Organization

CWA envisions to be a leading agency in Caregiving for the elderly through services that enables more elders to maintain their independence.

CWA aims to improve the quality of life of elderly through dependable direct care services, and to create a generation of responsible and knowledgeable caregivers. Our Philosophy is that seniors should be able to live life to the fullest and enjoy the optimum quality of life.

CWA provides assistance to the elderly and the caregivers through three main thrusts of programmes and services namely:
1) Elder Wellness and Social Support-
(a) Social Engagement-Daily Exercise – ‘LALA’ Workout, Social Outing, Festive Celebrations & Handicraft Sessions;
(b) Cognitive Health Programme-Mind-Active Programme (Cognitive Stimulating and Physical Activities for elderly);
(c) Home Personal Care Service-Providing ‘Home Personal Care Service’ to homebound seniors (including the needy elderly) who require assistance in their Activities of Daily Living;

2) Welfare Support-
(a) Supportive Counselling for Caregivers;
(b) Case Management;
(c) Caregiver Support Group-Mindfulness Session & The Art Therapy;
(d) Grocery, Taxi vouchers and hair cutting services to support the needy seniors;
(e) Monthly Food Provisions for needy seniors;
(f) Information and Referral

3) Education & Awareness-
a) Lunch Talk;
b) Monthly roving roadshow;
c) Virtual Webinars & Workshops;
d) Social Media Campaign
e) Annual Events – Flag Day & Caregivers Week
f) Caregivers’ Resources


Intended use of funds through the YFC 2023 programme

To assist the needy to get more service hour under the Home Personal Care Service as needed, if any and balance to assist to run the overall programme and services for the elderly and the caregivers.


Engaging and involving the YFC participants

CWA will be engaging the youth as follow:
1) Spreading awareness of Caregiving in social media (either content writing, message, video, photograph and any others);
2) Participating in events and activities for Flag Day in Aug 2022;
3) And the Caregivers’ Week (CGW)in Nov 2022. It is a one week celebration with tributes to the Caregivers and an awareness call for the public to know more about CWA and the Caregivers. Many activities will be conducted like webinars, social media campaigns, education and fundraising;