Website: https://www.spd.org.sg/
Sector: Children, Youths, Elderly, Health, Special Needs
Participated in the YFC programme before?: Yes
Name of Representative Calvin Lee
Email calvin_lee@spd.org.sg
Contact Number 65790780


Description of Organization

SPD is a local charity in Singapore that seeks to maximise the potential of people with physical, sensory and learning disabilities of all ages, so that they can be as independent and self-reliant as possible, to participate in school, work and daily life within mainstream society.

This is achieved through the provision of over 20 programmes and services that encompass early intervention, therapy, vocational training, assistive technology, day care, as well as educational, employment and social service support.


Intended use of funds through the YFC 2022 programme

The funds raised from the YFC 2022 programme will go towards providing subsidies to persons with disabilities from low income families so that they can participate and benefit from SPD’s programmes and services such as:

– Day care
– Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children
– Continuing Therapy Programme
– Employment Support Programme (ESP) Training
– Rehabilitation services
– Specialised Assistive Technology support
– Special Door-to-Door Transport Service


Engaging and involving the YFC participants

Due to COVID-19, there is a limit to the number of visitors we can host at our centre and as such, we are unable to conduct physical tours. Instead, a virtual tour will be done through a video that showcases the different programmes and services at SPD. We will host the YFC team(s) at the centre when the situation allows.

For now, a zoom session will be held for YFC team(s) to provide more information on SPD’s programmes and services. The session will include stories and videos of our beneficiaries so they can better understand how the funds raised will help people with disabilities.

Regular open communication with the YFC team(s) is encouraged. Other than enabling the YFC team(s) to acquire more in-depth knowledge of our organisation and its causes, regular open communication will also allow SPD to keep updated on the progress of the team(s) and therefore, give relevant advice and guidance where needed. We aim to build good rapport with the team members as this will greatly facilitate the team’s fundraising activities, and the team(s) will be more motivated to advocate and fundraise for the organisation.