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365 Cancer Prevention Society

Sector: Health, Cancer Prevention, Elderly, Day Care
Participated in the YFC programme before?: No
Name of Representative Ms Choo Qi
Contact Number 90302225

Description of Organization
To create positive awareness in battling against cancer-related illness through educating the general public.
To assist cancer patients to adopt a positive lifestyle in a holistic approach to meet their needs which encompasses the mental, emotional and physical needs.
To encourage existing cancer patients to organise specific cancer support groups among themselves.
To provide financial assistance to needy cancer patients.

Care and support team
Nutritional Assistance
Lymphatic Detox Exercise
Educational Talks
Financial Assistance


Intended use of funds through the YFC 2019 programme
Funds will be used for expansion and future plans:
1. Rehabilitation Center
2. Resource and Education Center
3. Day Activity Centre (currently 2, will plan to expand to have 4)
4. Professional Counselling Center
5. Health Promotion Center
6. Healthy Food Center


Engaging and involving the YFC participants
1. Orientation in our centre – introduction to the Society and its mission and vision
2. Interaction with cancer fighters by taking part in the activities in the Day Activity Center together
3. Get involved in the preparation of healthy food for cancer fighters
4. Be part of the media and creative team that generate content for the Society to bring across more awareness on the fighters’ stories and the Society’s cause
5. Visitation of cancer fighters at their place / hospital
6. Volunteers will be gathered on an annual basis for a day of fun and food!
7. Volunteers’ Appreciation Day for active volunteers who have served with the Society for more than a certain number of hours.