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REACH Community Services Society

Sector: Family, Children, Youths, Elderly, Counselling
Participated in the YFC programme before?: No
Name of Representative David Choo
Contact Number 82189704

Description of Organization
· Rekindling Hope
· Enhancing Social & Emotional Well-being
· Assisting Personal Growth
· Caring for the Hurting
· Helping the Needy

· Children from low-income families
· Youths-at-risk who struggle with delinquency, drugs and gang-related offences
· Families with financial & socio-emotional challenges
· Seniors who are lonely, depressed and vulnerable

We operate 4 services, with their respective service tag lines:
· Family Service – Sharing Love, Inspiring Hope
· Counselling Service – Celebrating Love, Embracing Growth
· Youth Service – Activating Strengths, Reaching Potential
· Senior Service – Engaging Minds, Fulfilling Lives


Intended use of funds through the YFC 2019 programme
Funds raised will be used to support our Youth Service programmes through:

1. Equipment and venue additions and renewals.  
2. Expenditures on engaging coaches & instructors to come in from time to time to complement our largely volunteer/staff led effort.
3. Grow our youth programmes to make it more accessible to more people. (Eg. A new vicinity that will be built towards the end of the year)
4. Staff manpower (youth workers and social workers) for conducting of casework and counselling sessions for the youths-in-need.


Engaging and involving the YFC participants
1. Invite them over at our centre and events on different occasions to interact with the youths in relevant open-group youth programmes.
2. Work out engagement of volunteers with our staff and youth beneficiaries with their YFC project timeline.
3. Connect with them over our social media accounts for the awareness-building and publicity for our cause.