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Empower Ageing Limited

Sector: Elderly
Participated in the YFC programme before?: No
Name of Representative Benjamin Chan
Contact Number 96750057

Description of Organization
Our transformational mission comes from this philosophy:
Allowing the seniors to dream their “dreams”; so that they will find their purpose in life (again) and to bring hope into their daily living.

As a very prominent event, we had an inaugural Go for Your Mountain – GYM Challenge, in 2018. It was set out as an inter-generational bonding opportunity for the adult-children and/or young grandchildren to be engaged in a transformation program, working with their elderly family members – training and preparing to make a climb up their “mountain”, our own in Singapore, Mount Faber. Clearly and tangibly symbolizing a “conquering our own mountain”, this was a real motivation for some 210 intergenerational teams with a total of over 600 participants, who took part in this 22 Sep 2018 event. We were most excited to see our eldest participant – 92-year old Mr Nonis, a resident at an old folks’ home – accepting the challenge, worked with his caregivers at the home for over 3 months, and made his way up Mount Faber (with much encouragement and help). At the pinnacle, the wheelchair-bound senior had the joy of capturing its beautiful sight and then also “conducted his orchestra” that was present to liven up the atmosphere.

Riding on the great success of our GYM 2018, we are motivated to make Go for Your Mountain (GYM) an annual signature event of Empower Ageing. We hope the continuity of this event will spark off a national movement which will ultimately usher in a shift in societal perception of old age and promote wholesome inter-generational relationships.


Intended use of funds through the YFC 2019 programme
As a start-up charity, there is much room for growth – in bringing the vision to fruition.

Our current manpower strength is a 2 full-time staff team; there is a great need to grow in the area of public awareness building and education/advocacy of the EMPOWER message.

There is a desire to increase our in-house professional capacity, bringing up the staff strength so as to be able to meet the demands of training and equipping other senior entities in the physical fitness/wellness aspects that will anchor their community building work, in the various neighborhood precincts.

In the context of GYM2019, there is a platform for different senior facilities in Singapore to benefit from Empower Ageing running a GYM Transformation programme – to prepare their seniors for the climb event. This is a 3-month strength/power training and physical fitness programme to help them achieve the required fitness to attempt the climb in October 2019. Everyone would also benefit from seeing themselves achieving frailty reversals and/or mobility improvements. Oftentimes, this could also mean a reduction in or elimination of their self-imposed social isolation because they have gained confidence to leave their home-units on their own, to venture into their own neighborhoods/communities.


Engaging and involving the YFC participants
These student volunteer groups would be inducted through their visits to our Cheng San fitness/wellness centre – here they would be able to observe and participate with the seniors in their morning exercise programs and social activities.
They could be working:
– with their assigned senior partners in their project,
– build an inter-generational relationship together, and
– work together in preparation/training/partnership to achieve their project objectives.

These could include:
* learning about the seniors’ worldviews and aspirations,
* internalizing them and then helping by being their voice in bringing public awareness to these aspirations of the seniors,
* fundraise to help in carrying out a public awareness campaign, and
* being there to partner and encourage their senior team member in climbing Mount Faber on the event day.

In parallel, Empower Ageing staff members would be available as liaison persons for the student teams to know more about the ongoing work, to reach out to resources needed to help them in the project work, and even to link up with relevant agencies that could help them in their projects.