Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home

Sector: Children, Youths, Mental Health, Special Needs
Participated in the YFC programme before?: Yes
Name of Representative Peh Wan Qian
Contact Number 68059176


Description of Organization

“Mission: Together We Nurture Every Child and Family to Shine.
Vision: To be a premier Children’s Home where every child is nurtured to their full potential and ingrained with good Christian values to become responsible members of their respective families and community.
1. To develop the spiritual, educational, social, physical and emotional well-being of the children.
2. To provide an inclusive home environment to enhance the integration of children with special needs and mainstream children.
3. To assist parents in problem-solving and coping with their difficulties.
4. To strengthen family relationships and enhance the quality of family life.”


Intended use of funds through the YFC programme

General funds for programmes and services


Engaging and involving the YFC participants

Home tour, briefing on corporate deck materials and corporate videos available