Limitless (Ltd.)

Sector: Youths, Mental Health
Participated in the YFC programme before?: Yes
Name of Representative Asher Low
Contact Number 89504733


Description of Organization

Limitless is a non-profit organisation that was founded with the vision of building hope and worth, empowering the next generation to live purpose-driven lives, and to fulfil their potential in life. Limitless primarily does one-to-one interventive work with youth (age 12–25) who struggle with their mental health.
This is done through our helpline and counselling & casework programmes where our counsellors and social workers work to support youths who may be struggling with issues such as depression, anxiety disorders, or suicidality.

Limitless is also involved in outreach and public education, and runs mental health programmes for youths, educators, parents, and helping professionals.


Intended use of funds through the YFC 2022 programme

Any funds raised will be used to support the following:
– Program costs for the Casework and Counselling program
– Overhead costs (eg. rental, audit fees, equipment and infrastructure)


Engaging and involving the YFC participants

We can invite them for a sharing session, and after which they can join our programmes as participants or onlookers. If they are older we can also allow them to join one or two of our clinical meetings to get an idea about the type of clients we see

They can also join in any trainings that we may be running during that time period.