Metta Welfare Association

Sector: Children, Youths, Elderly, Health, Mental Health, Special Needs
Participated in the YFC programme before?: Yes
Name of Representative Manda Tan
Contact Number 91904845


Description of Organization

Metta Welfare Association (Metta) is dedicated to serve the young to the elderly, the infirm to the terminally ill, we transcend racial and religious barriers to enhance their quality of life.

Metta’s Motto
Compassionate love to share. Brightens hope to those we care.
Inspired by The Great Compassionate Vows of The Medicine Buddha, we aim to provide social services for the community, regardless of race or religion.
We are dedicated to delivering social service programmes for individuals and families by collaborating with our donors, partners, vendors and community organisations.

Social Service Programmes
Children Care
Early intervention services for young children with learning difficulties.

Disability Care
Residential care & respite care for adults with intellectual disabilities.
Day activity care and training centres for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Medical Care
Day rehabilitative services for elderly and stroke patients.
Home nursing and home medical care for patients with chronic illness and organ failure.
Home palliative care for patients with life limiting illness.

Special Education
Special education and vocational training for children with mild intellectual disability and/or autism.

Youth Employment Support
Vocational training and supported employment for youth with mild intellectual disability and/or autism.

Other Services
Social services required by the community.


Intended use of funds through the YFC 2022 programme

Funds raised through YFC 2022 will go towards supporting Metta’s five social services to ensure we continue serving over 1,400 beneficiaries and extend help to the less fortunate in Singapore who may have fallen through the cracks.


Engaging and involving the YFC participants

We will arrange to conduct virtual sessions with the students and our staff based at various centers supporting Metta’s social services.
If the situation allows, we can arrange for students to tour Metta’s premises and interact with our beneficiaries.