Metta Welfare Association

Sector: Children, Youths, Elderly, Special Needs
Participated in the YFC programme before?: Yes
Name of Representative Tan Mui Tin
Contact Number 65804662


Description of Organization

“Registered as a society in 1994, Metta Welfare Association (Metta) remains steadfast and true to our mission to serve, give comfort and shine the light of hope to those in need. We care for over 1,400 clients across our welfare centres islandwide. From the young to the elderly, the infirm to the terminally ill, our clients come from widely diverse backgrounds, age groups and needs. Our comprehensive social service programmes are Children Care, Special Education, Youth Employment Support, Disability Care and Medical Care.
Dedicated to providing clients the best care and enhancing their quality of life, Metta’s philosophy of care transcends race, religion or social circumstance. Though challenging at times, our support for our clients is driven and made meaningful by our satisfaction in seeing them receive proper care and lead fulfilling lives. Serving with compassion and sincerity, we take pride in our ability to offer a comprehensive range of services that go beyond the mere fulfillment of every client’s care needs. ”


Intended use of funds through the YFC 2023 programme

The funds from YFC 2023 programmes will enable Metta to continue our programmes and activities that will empower them to live independently in their communities and to live with hope and purpose.


Engaging and involving the YFC participants

Working alongside with YFC participants to add value and create an impact for them to better the lives of our clients depending on the causes (children, youths and adults with intellectual disabilities and/or autism, frail seniors and the terminally ill) that is close to their heart.