Stage 1: Proposal & The Pitch
Selection of the 100 YFC 2015 Teams
 Online Application of YFC Project Proposals @  1 Feb to 22 Mar
 YFC Pre-Selection Interview Workshop
Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm │ Venue: YMCA of SingaporeThis optional workshop is open to all YFC applicants and free of charge. Topics covered include Presentation Skills and how to excel at the YFC Selection Interview.
 Sat, 7 March
 YFC Selection Interview
Time: Between 9:00am to 1:00pm │ Venue: YMCA of Singapore
 Sat, 18 April
 Stage 2: Project Implementation
Project Implementation by the 100 Selected YFC 2015 Teams
YFC Official Launch
Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm │ Venue: TBC
Thu, 21 May
YFC Leadership Boot Camp
Time: TBC │ Venue: YMCA of Singapore
Sat, 30 May
YFC Project Implementation Period (15 Weeks) Thu, 21 May to Sun, 13 Sep

YMCA-NUS Business SchoolVolunteer Service Management Programme (VSMP)*

9 Sessions: Social Concerns And Volunteerism, Planning, Budgeting, Organising, Leading, Control For Performance, Fund Raising And Marketing, Safety Management & Events Management

*The VSMP is optional and only open to 40 YFC 2015 participants. Participants pay a nominal course fee; registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Wed, 10 June
Sat, 13 June
Wed, 17 June
Sat, 20 June
Wed, 24 June
Sat, 27 June
 Submission of YFC Final Report @ Deadline: Sun, 13 Sep
Stage 3: Showcase & Celebration
Showcase of the 100 YFC 2015 Teams & Recognition of Award Recipients
YFC Project Showcase
Time: Between 9:00am to 12:00pm │ Venue: YMCA of Singapore
Sat, 17 Oct
YFC Awards Showcase*
Time: Between 9:00am to 12:00pm │ Venue: YMCA of Singapore
*Shortlisted outstanding teams will be invited for this final round of judging
Sat, 24 Oct
YFC Awards Celebration
Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm │ Venue:TBC
Thu, 19 Nov
The New Charis Mission (TNCM)
VWO Representative Chrysan Chiang
Contact Number 6483 3707
Organization Needs

The New Charis Mission (TNCM) is a voluntary welfare organization which provides an array of outreach services/programmes for the youth at-risk, elderly, students, families, prisoners and those in bondage to drug addiction. In addition, TNCM operates a halfway house.


  • One-Year residential programme for ex-drug addicts, ex-offenders/ prisoners involving counseling, family reconciliation, etc.


The aim is to bring about recuperation, restoration and reintegration into these lives.


  • Prison Institutions – Weekly counselling, chapel services, structured mentoring programmes (anti-drug; anti gang; lifeskills)


  • Schools – Awareness Talks on Gangs & Drugs Awareness, mentoring programmes for At-Risk Students.


  • Elderly Work/Community Services – Weekly Home Visitations, regular festive outings/events, monthly home improvement projects


  • Family Life/ Couples Programme – Couple counselling, family life enrichment programmes


  • Exchange Programme – Overseas exchanges with halfway houses, prisons


  • Social Enterprises – Work therapy, facilities rental, removal and maintenance services


Singapore Planned Parenthood Association
VWO Representative Stella Chan-Ong Kee
Contact Number 6775 8981
Organization Needs A voluntary non-profit organisation seeking to promote sexual and reproductive health awareness in Singapore. SPPA aims to improve the quality of life of individuals and families by campaigning for sexuality and reproductive health and rights through advocacy and services, especially for poor and vulnerable people.


Singapore Anglican Community Services (SACS)
VWO Representative Vincent Budihardjo
Contact Number 6786 4005
Organization Needs Singapore Anglican Community Services reaches out to people in need, with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. We provide refuge and relief for the psychiatrically disabled and people in crisis. We aim to be an excellent caring Christian welfare organization, effectively accomplishing rehabilitation to those under our care.


Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore)
VWO Representative Judy Wee
Contact Number 6259 6399
Organization Needs

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore), in short, MDAS, is a voluntary welfare organisation committed to uplifting the lives of people with Muscular Dystrophy (MD). The Association, founded in 2000, is a member of the National Council of Social Service and has Institution of Public Character status. MDAS extends its membership privileges to all children, youth and adults with MD as well as their families.


Muscular Dystrophy is the name given to a large group of muscle diseases characterised by the development of muscle weakness, wasting and contractures, that are usually progressive and sometimes life threatening. These diseases often manifest in childhood, although some may begin in adulthood. Each disease is caused by one of a large variety of inherited gene abnormalities.


At present, there is no known cure for Muscular Dystrophy.


Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation
VWO Representative Lydia Seong
Contact Number 6397 2394
Organization Needs Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation is committed to support patients (and their families) who are undergoing treatment for leukemia, lymphoma and related blood disorders. We provide financial aid to needy patients, raise awareness of leukemia and lymphoma and support the training, education and research of blood disorders.


HealthServe Limited
VWO Representative Jeffrey Chua
Contact Number 6743 9774
Organization Needs

HealthServe is a non-profit community development organisation dedicated to serving the interests of the migrants, disadvantaged and poor in the local community, regardless of ethnicity, gender, language and religion. Birthed in October 2006, HealthServe, along with its Geylang clinic, is strategically sited within the compound of Highpoint Community Services. We aim to meet the needs of the community by offering medical and legal advice, counselling services and social support.


Over the years, we have developed partnerships with regulatory authorities, agencies, schools and corporate organisations to initiate public health awareness, research projects and social enterprises.


Bethel Community Services
VWO Representative Margaret Chua
Contact Number 6744 7422
Organization Needs

Bethel Community Services (BCS) is a society affiliated to Bethel Assembly of God. BCS is registered with the Registry of Societies in August 2004.


It became a charity under the Charities Act in September 2004. BCS was admitted as a member of the NCSS in July 2007 and granted the IPC status.


BCS has been running childcare, student care, infant care, kindergarten, tuition, TCM, legal, counselling and social services at very affordable rates to the community.


Our vision is to be a visible expression of Christ’s love, care and compassion to the community, and our mission is to reach out and empower the community through holistic community-based services and programmes to maximise the God-given potential of each individual.


Habitat for Humanity Singapore
VWO Representative Melodie Lee
Contact Number 6744 7326
Organization Needs Habitat for Humanity Singapore is a Christian nonprofit housing organisation, working for people of all backgrounds regardless of their race, language or religion. Since its inception in 2004, Habitat Singapore seeks to eliminate poverty housing worldwide by working alongside homeowners to build simple, decent houses. Anchored by the vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live, Habitat Singapore has continually mobilised volunteers under its Global Village programme for building projects and disaster response all over the world, including China, Indonesia and India. Locally, Habitat Singapore started Project HomeWorks, a programme that seeks to improve the living conditions, safety and sanitation of the growing number of vulnerable elderly across the island. Habitat Singapore has mobilised thousands of volunteers to clean-up and furnish the homes of these elderly since 2006. Habitat Singapore is also involved in disaster response projects in the Asia-Pacific region and has altogether contributed to the building of 2,500 homes and 20 water projects as well as raised S$30 million for relief and reconstruction projects. More recently, it launched the StarBuilders programme which aims to empower and enable youths from disadvantaged backgrounds in giving back to communities in need through Habitat activities.

The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund
VWO Representative Capri Seah Xin Yee
Contact Number 6319 5089
Organization Needs

The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF) started in 2000 as a community project initiated by The Straits Times to provide pocket money to children from low-income families to help them through school. The children can use this money for school-related expenses, such as buying a meal during recess, paying for their bus fares or using it to meet their other schooling needs. The financial help also eases the burden of the many parents who are already struggling to feed their families on their meagre incomes.


The Fund supports over 10,000 children and youth a year. Since the project started in 2000, the Fund has disbursed close to $42m and helped over 128,000 cases of children and youth in providing them with monthly school pocket money.



Assisi Hospice
VWO Representative Teo Siew Hong
Contact Number 6347 6467
Organization Needs

We dedicate ourselves to the care of adults with life limiting illnesses. In an environment of compassionate and holistic care, we understand the challenges faced by our patients. We are here for all, regardless of financial status, age, race & religion, respecting their faith, culture & values.


To fund our hospice’s integrated palliative care programme for inpatient, day care and home care patients. To raise awareness of palliative care and the need of community efforts to look after those with life threatening illnesses.


Young Women’s Christian Association of Singapore
VWO Representative Ms Gladys Foo
Contact Number 6223 1227
Organization Needs

The Young Women’s Christian Association of Singapore serves the community regardless of gender, race and religion. Community services include the Hungry-no-more programme, serving children, elderly, disabled and low income families; Kids’ Club & Workz-on-Wheels providing enrichment programmes for children; Youth Centre and YWCA House to provide a sanctuary for at-risk youths to develop their potential and learn to be independent.


All proceeds raised will be channelled to support and sustain all YWCA Community Services, such as Meals-on-wheels, sustenance for families, Kids’ Club, Workz-on-Wheels, Youth Centre & YWCA House.


Young Men’s Christian’s Association
VWO Representative Samantha Seah
Contact Number 6586 2311
Organization Needs

Established in 1902, the YMCA of Singapore is a Christian voluntary welfare organisation (VWO), affiliated worldwide, which seeks to serve and enrich all members of the community, regardless of race, language or religion, through wholesome programmes to develop Body, Mind and Spirit, which are based on Christian principles. As a youth organisation dedicated to serving the community, the three pillars of the YMCA of Singapore’s work are namely service to community, youth development and volunteer development.


The public awareness and funds raised, along with volunteers mobilized through Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes 2015 will go toward these three programmes:


YMCA-Tan Chin Tuan Community Service Programmes

These programmes aim to bring cheer to the intellectually and physically challenged, abused and underprivileged children, the hearing impaired the visually impaired, the elderly and the poor through structured and sustained programmes and activities.


University-YMCA (Uni-Y)

This is the University Service club of the YMCA of Singapore. It seeks to develop and empower youth to be servant leaders who will impact our local and international communities.


YMCA Project Bridge

This is a programme for early school leavers and youth-at-risk between the ages of 13 to 19 years old. The programme aims to help them realise their full potential and discover their purpose through meaningful, wholesome and challenging activities. It also aims to provide them with opportunities to return to mainstream education and help equip them with quintessential job skills.


Yellow Ribbon Fund
VWO Representative Denise Chow
Contact Number 6546 8427
Organization Needs

The Yellow Ribbon Fund administers funding to the development and implementation of reintegration programmes for inmates and ex-offenders, as well as family support programmes to strengthen family ties of inmates and ex-offenders.


Proceeds from the various fund-raising activities will go towards funding a variety of rehabilitation and reintegration programmes as well as family support programmes which are in line with the vision of CARE Network to their family members.


Specifically, the objectives of Yellow Ribbon Fund are to provide financial support for:


  • The provision of rehabilitative and aftercare services to inmates and ex-offenders during and after their discharge from custody and to assist the provision of such services by other partner organizations
  •  Rehabilitation and reintegration support programmes for family members of ex-offenders after their discharge from custody
  • Public awareness programmes aimed at creating awareness of the need to give second chances to ex-offenders, generating acceptance of ex-offenders back into society and inspiring community action to support the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders



Very Special Arts Singapore
VWO Representative Victoria Ding
Contact Number 6604 9431
Organization Needs

VSA, the international organisation on arts and disability, was founded more than 35 years ago by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith to provide arts and education opportunities for people with disabilities and increase access to the arts for all.


Very Special Arts Singapore is a charity launched by our Patron and Singapore’ Ambassador-at-Large, Professor Tommy Koh on 27 September 1993 with this mission to provide individuals with disabilities the opportunities to access the arts for the purposes of rehabilitation and social integration.


To achieve this, VSA Singapore promotes the educational, social, rehabilitative and therapeutic benefits of visual and performing arts; integrates individuals with disabilities into mainstream society through the arts, and assists them obtain financial assistance and independence through arts and arts creation.


  • Fund Raising
  • Public Awareness
  • Publicity and Marketing
  • Outreach to Schools
  • Community Art Projects


TOUCH Community Services
VWO Representative Vinette Hoe
Contact Number 6317 9264
Organization Needs

TOUCH Community Services is a not-for-profit charitable organisation officially registered in 1992. TOUCH has been a member of the National Council of Social Service since 1994. As an approved Institution of a Public Character (IPC), TOUCH is able to provide tax-deductible receipts for donations.


TOUCH has an integrated network of 17 services with 13 centres and 19 children’s clubs located at different parts of Singapore, including Bukit Merah, Clementi, Geylang Bahru, Hougang, Serangoon, Toa Payoh, Ubi and Yishun. Its clients include children from low-income or single-parent families, youths at risk, needy families, people with special and healthcare needs, and the frail elderly.


Over the last 23 years, TOUCH has reached out to many individuals from all races and religions. In 2013, TOUCH reached out to some 32,000 clients and 231,000 service users. Clients refer to those who are members of TOUCH services or individuals serviced by TOUCH, i.e. at least once a month or attended at least 80% of activities or programmes organised or received counselling services. Service users include individuals who have benefited from camps, health screening, and educational outreaches including talks, workshops and roadshows organised by TOUCH.


The purpose of the funds raised is to support the programmes as well as the 17 services with 13 centres and 19 children’s clubs located at different parts of Singapore, including Bukit Merah, Clementi, Geylang Bahru, Hougang, Serangoon, Toa Payoh, Ubi and Yishun.


The Singapore Association for the Deaf
VWO Representative Alvan Yap
Contact Number 6344 8274
Organization Needs

Established in 1955, SADeaf serves over Deaf and hard-of-hearing 5,100 clients. The Association runs various services to serve the community, such as sign language interpretation, support for students with hearing loss in mainstream schools, financial assessments, job support and counselling for clients in need.


  • Funding our Deaf Access Department (which provide sign language interpretation and note-taking services)
  • Funding our sign language research project
  • Funding our hosting of the World Federation of the Deaf Regional Secretariat Meeting in 2016


The RICE Company Limited c/o The Little Arts Academy
VWO Representative Grace Soon
Contact Number 6513 3015
Organization Needs

The Little Arts Academy provides a broad-based arts curriculum and a creative learning environment where all children can discover their artistic potential and develop skills and personal values that will enable them to transcend personal, social and financial circumstances. Young talents are nurtured through a quality arts education that will develop their artistic skills, social and emotional competencies so as to serve the community in the future.


The amount raised will be used to support these beneficiaries in their arts training as we make the arts more accessible for young people from financially-disadvantaged backgrounds.


St Luke's ElderCare Ltd
VWO Representative Teresa Lee
Contact Number 6697 7568
Organization Needs

St Luke’s Hospital (SLH) is a 233-bedded community hospital providing medical, nursing and rehabilitative care to the sick and needy elderly. Every year we help more than 2000 inpatients, from all race and religions and over 90% of our patients need financial assistance.


St Luke’s ElderCare (SLEC) provides social day care, community day rehab and senior wellness programme in 12 centres located in the heartlands of Singapore.


St Luke’s needs to raise $8 million to continue keeping our patient fees affordable and to provide quality care to our elderly.


Special Olympics Singapore
VWO Representative Rachel Yang
Contact Number 6293 3182
Organization Needs

Special Olympics is a global movement uniting athletes, families, communities, fans and supporters. The goal of SO is to awaken everyone, and every community, to each person’s common humanity. The vision is to build inclusive communities where diversity is celebrated and accepted; where everyone, especially individuals with IDs, can thrive and contribute positively to their communities. Special Olympics does this through a wide range of trainings, competitions, health screenings and fund-raising events. Opportunities are created for families, community members, local leaders, businesses, law enforcement, celebrities, dignitaries and others to band together to change attitudes and support Special Olympics athletes.


Special Olympics Singapore offers all programs free of charge to all individuals with IDs in Singapore. SO Singapore, as a non-profit voluntary organization, has to raise all the funds needed to ensure that the sports programs (training and competition) and initiatives are available and accessible to all individuals with IDs and their families. Funding is hence needed to meet staffing needs (sports development officers & sport officials/coaches), facilities rental (office & sports facilities), equipment costs, and other related expenses.


Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
VWO Representative Marie Wong
Contact Number 6287 5355 ext 23
Organization Needs

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is a registered animal welfare charity with IPC status. We receive around 400 pets and stray animals every month. The objectives of the Society are to prevent cruelty and to promote kindness to animals and birds. Our mission is to encourage compassion and avert from cruelty towards animals through education, advocacy and action. We hope to create a compassionate Singapore where all animals are treated with kindness and respect.


The SPCA is not a government agency. We rely on donations from our supporters to continue our important role as animal protector. Over $2,000,000 annually is required to carry out our animal welfare work and the Society provides various animal welfare services to the community including:


  • A 24-hour emergency service for sick, injured and very young animals
  • Investigation of cruelty complaints
  • Public education programme for students and adults
  • Sterilisation voucher programme for community animals (strays)
  • A clinic for basic treatment of community animals
  • Adoption programme
  • A service for lost and found pets
  • Advocacy for the humane treatment of animals
  • Running an animal shelter and supporting quarantine for unwanted, abused and abandoned animals


Society for the Physically Disabled
VWO Representative Alice Hue
Contact Number 6579 0708
Organization Needs

SPD focuses on helping people with disabilities maximise their potentials and integrating them into mainstream society. Through over 20 programmes that encompass early intervention, therapy, training, consultation and assessment in assistive technology, day care, and education, employment and social service support, SPD serves 4,700 people with physical, sensory and learning disabilities, helping them become self-reliant and independent.


Founded in 1964 by a group of Rotarians, SPD was known as Society for Aid to the Paralysed (SAP). In the earlier years, the organisation provided employment opportunities at its sheltered workshop to people with disabilities who had difficulties seeking open employment. It was renamed Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) in May 1998 and subsequently to just SPD in July 2014 to better reflect the work that we do to serve people beyond physical disabilities.


The funds raised will go into supporting SPD’s more than 20 programmes and services for people with varying disabilities of all ages, including early intervention, therapy, training, consultation and assessment in assistive technology, day care, and education, employment and social service support.


Singapore Kindness Movement
VWO Representative Rachel Lum
Contact Number 6837 9105
Organization Needs

About Singapore Kindness Movement

Kindness is in everyone. The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) wants to encourage everyone to start, show and share kindness. We aspire to inspire graciousness one kind act at a time. By sparing a thought for the people around us, we hope to create a gracious society, and make life better for you and me.


SKM is a non-government, non-profit organisation, as well as a registered charity and Institution of Public Character.


The primary purpose of the project is to raise awareness of kindness. Any amount raised by the participants will be used to offset their project/ campaign cost. If there is extra amount, we would like to allocate that to the Seed Kindness Fund program.


Singapore Environment Council
VWO Representative Sharmine Tan
Contact Number 6433 5385
Organization Needs

Established in 1995, the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) is an independently managed, non-profit and non-government organisation (NGO). We influence thinking on sustainability issues and coordinate environmental efforts in Singapore. We are also an approved charity and offer tax exemption to donors.


SEC continuously engages all sectors of the community by formulating and executing a range of holistic programmes, such as the Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards, Asian Environmental Journalism Awards, School Green Awards, Green Champions, Singapore Green Labelling Scheme, Project: Eco-Office, Project: Eco-Shop and Project: F&B. In addition, we build a pool of committed volunteers under our Earth Helpers programme.


Strong partnerships with corporations, government agencies and other NGOs are valued by us. These partnerships are vital for sustaining our programmes, leading to positive action and change. Over the years, SEC has given strength and direction to the environmental movement in Singapore.


Funds raised will be used to support the operational cost involved in running SEC’s volunteer programme named Earth Helpers ( The volunteers engage in regular events such as the educational green trails, up-cycling classes, coral protection works and recycling drives to encourage green hearts.


Singapore Disability Sports Council
VWO Representative Stefanie Pitchian
Contact Number 6342 3509
Organization Needs

Singapore Disability Sports Council SDSC is the only organisation in Singapore that caters to sports for persons across all kinds of disabilities. It aims to help persons with disability lead full and independent lives through sports. Besides providing sporting opportunities for them to realise their potential, SDSC trains elite talents to represent Singapore at regional and international competitions.


All proceeds will be channelled towards the Athlete Development and Training Fund which covers transportation, sports equipment, training, nutrition, preparation and participation in local and overseas competition for our athletes. To elevate the standard of para-sports in Singapore we hope to develop more athletes for the ASEAN Para Games 2015, which will be held in Singapore from 3 Dec to 9 Dec 2015.


Singapore Children’s Society
VWO Representative Raihana Omar
Contact Number 6273 2010
Organization Needs

Singapore Children’s Society protects and nurtures children and youth of all races and religions. In 2013, the Society reached out to 72,640 children, youth and families in need. Established in 1952, its services have evolved to meet the changing needs of children.


Today, Children’s Society operates 10 service centres island wide, offering services in the four categories of: Vulnerable Children Services, Children and Youth Services, Family Services, and Research and Advocacy.


The funds will be channelled to our 10 service centres located across Singapore which has 68 programmes that provide help and support services, early intervention program, as well as a children’s residential home.

Our annual operating expenses to support these services are estimated at S$13 million annually. To meet this funding requirement, the Society actively raises funds through events & projects, direct appeals and corporate partners.


Singapore Cancer Society
VWO Representative Patrick Neo
Contact Number 6421 5857
Organization Needs

The Singapore Cancer Society was established in 1964 by individuals from the Rotary Club of Singapore West, the Lions Club and Jaycees, and was inaugurated by the then Minster of Health, Mr Yong Nyuk Lin.

For the past 50 years, the Society has assisted countless needy patients and advanced the cancer cause in Singapore through its many programmes and services, which include:

  • Cancer treatment subsidies
  • Financial and welfare aid
  • Hospice home care
  • Free hospital transportation to/from cancer treatment
  • Rehabilitative support
  • Cancer screening
  • Cancer research
  • Public education

The Singapore Cancer Society is a voluntary welfare organisation that depends on public donations to fund all its services and programmes. The Society is endorsed by the Ministry of Health and is a member of the National Council of Social Service. It also has IPC (Institute of Public Character) status as a charity since 1995.


The funds raised will be used in our general fund, including but not limited to providing financial assistance for cancer patients, free transport to & from hospital for needy cancer patients, nursing/hospice and palliative care, education and support to patients and families. Funds raised will also be used for raising public awareness on cancer and the importance of early screening saving lives through campaigns, forums, symposiums and talks.


Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped
VWO Representative Selene Ong
Contact Number 6251 4331 (ext. 115)
Organization Needs

The Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) is Singapore’s own and only voluntary welfare organisation that promotes the needs, interests and aspirations of the visually impaired. Our mission is to help the visually impaired help themselves by acquiring new skills and gaining self-reliance to integrate into the social fabric.


All proceeds will go directly into improving the Association’s services and operations dedicated to promote the welfare of our visually impaired in Singapore. Such services include inter alia, research in the prevention and cure of blindness, skills development programme to increase employability, providing an assistive devices centre to meet the daily needs of the visually impaired, etc.


Singapore Association for Mental Health
VWO Representative Ms Susan Tan
Contact Number 6315 6778
Organization Needs

The Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) was established in 1968 as the first community mental health agency in Singapore with the aim of providing quality step-down rehabilitative services to persons with mental health conditions. Today, SAMH operates eight centres across Singapore and provides a comprehensive range of mental health support services, for youths to the elderly.


We are a non-profit voluntary welfare organisation who not only aims to improve the recovery and reintegration of persons with mental illness but also to promote mental wellness in the local community.


Amounts raised by YFC 2015 participants will help fund SAMH programmes for the rehabilitation and support of persons with mental illness, support services for their caregivers, and also programmes for the promotion of mental wellness, and the   prevention and reduction of mental health problems, Ultimately, these programmes aim to contribute to the increased well-being of people in Singapore,


Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association
VWO Representative Daniel Lim
Contact Number 6732 1122
Organization Needs

The Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA) is a Voluntary Welfare Organisation set up in 1972 to work with the community and grassroots organisations to rein in the spread of drug and inhalant abuse and to work towards the vision of keeping Singapore drug-free.


SANA is a member of the Community Action for the Rehabilitation of Ex-Offenders (CARE) Network. We also collaborate with civic and community bodies, corporate organisations and schools in our anti-drug programmes.


SANA adopts a myriad of approaches in our fight against drug abuse, the primary being through our Preventive Drug Education efforts and our Aftercare Counselling Services.


The amount raised by the YFC 2015 participants will primarily be used to fund the Support Groups for women who are ex-drug abusers and their families. These Support Groups will serve as a platform for such women and their families to share their experiences and support each other as they become equip with the coping strategies we impart.


Shan You Counselling Centre
VWO Representative Enya Tan
Contact Number 6741 9293
Organization Needs

Shan You Counselling Centre is a non-profit Voluntary Welfare Organisation set up in 1995 to provide professional counselling and social services to the community regardless of race, religion or ability to pay. It is a registered Society and a charity with the status of an Institution of a Public Character.


We are a full member of National Council of Social Service and it receives Community Chest Funding for Counselling & Casework programme. Shan You’s Social services, Education & Training are funded by donations and fundraising efforts.


Our objectives are to promote the mental well-being of individuals and families through the provision of professional counselling made accessible and affordable; to integrate wellness initiatives into social service and deliver to people of all races, religions and socioeconomic status; and to build capability and capacity using individual and corporate resources, bringing Shan You services far and wide.


In September 2010, a community wellness centre called Wellness Community was set up to provide community services for residents in Kampong Ubi and Kembangan Constituency and beyond. We offer case management services and recreational programmes, free meal services, community events, celebrations, art groups and public education programmes for the community.


In September 2014, a youth activity space and library named “Kindness Space Oasis” is launched. The target audience will be youth from age 5 to 18. Some of the programmes at “Oasis” are: .b Mindfulness for Teens, reading, storytelling and movie viewing. As such, the money raised will be used to run and develop programmes for “Oasis”.


Restroom Association (Singapore)
VWO Representative Emerson Hee
Contact Number 6297 9824
Organization Needs

As a non-profit organisation founded in 1998, the vision of the Restroom Association (Singapore) or RAS is a Gracious Society Embracing Excellence in Restroom Culture. We were registered as a charity in 2004 and conferred the ‘Institutions of a Public Character’ (IPC) status in 2010 for our efforts in improving the welfare of low-wage cleaning attendants. We have made helping the low income and disadvantaged our priority by employing them to conduct restroom inspections.


  • Event management costs which include purchase of grocery vouchers and tribute lunches for cleaning attendants.
  • Event management costs (refer to of educating public users to better appreciate efforts of restroom cleaning attendants.
  • Design and printing of educational brochures, collaterals and posters to better educate public users.


Ren Ci Hospital
VWO Representative Xie Xiao Yun
Contact Number 6355 6480
Organization Needs

Established since 1994, Ren Ci Hospital is one of the few charity healthcare institutions in Singapore to provide affordable medical, nursing and rehabilitative care services for the community. Serving all regardless of background, race and religion, the interdisciplinary care team delivers quality service based on the principles of loving kindness and compassion.


Most of the long-staying residents in our nursing home come from low income families, while some are destitute. Suffering from multiple chronic medical conditions, their long-term healthcare needs have been draining them financially. While majority of the patients are either wheelchair bound or bedridden, they still long to return to their loved ones someday.


Besides catering to the long term healthcare needs of disadvantaged patients, Ren Ci also provide rehabilitative care to post-acute patients in a community hospital setting so that they can regain their functional abilities and return back to the community.


The donation raised with go towards caring for our patients.


Presbyterian Community Services
VWO Representative Tristan Gwee
Contact Number 6334 4445
Organization Needs

Presbyterian Community Services (PCS) is a voluntary welfare organisation dedicated to reaching out to the community in order to touch and transform the lives of those around us.


We provide services for children, with a focus on those with special needs, in partnership with families and the community and try to improve the quality of their lives. At the same time, we also reach out to the frail and vulnerable elderly to provide accessible, affordable and high quality care regardless of race, religion or creed.


We also have initiated an Emergency Relief Scheme (ERS) which provides short-term relief to individuals and families in need of temporary financial assistance, which result from the sudden death, imprisonment or illness of the primary or secondary wage earner, or simply due to lack of family support. The scheme helps these needy individuals to meet their immediate needs while they seek long term help from other sources.


PCS is a member of the National Council of Social Service and has an Institution of Public Character status.


Funds raised will be used for our Intermediate Long Term Care programmes.


Parkinson Society Singapore
VWO Representative Lim Shi Hui
Contact Number 6353 5338
Organization Needs

The Parkinson Society Singapore (PSS) was formed on 16 December 1996 by a group of doctors and caregivers to help people living with Parkinson. The society was registered as a charity on 28 January 2000 and is a member of National Council of Social Service (NCSS).


Since then, the Society has organized a number of programmes including annual public forums, therapeutic exercise programmes and social and recreational activities, aimed at improving the lives of people with Parkinson. The Society also works closely with support groups in various hospitals and publishes newsletters and books to raise the awareness of Parkinson. In Singapore, about 6,000 to 8,000 people have Parkinson and related conditions and this number is expected to go up in a rapidly aging population.


The amount raised by YFC 2015 participants will be used for the Patient Welfare Fund (PWF) and the annual event “Move to Beat Parkinson”.


The PWF helps financially challenged patients with their membership/course/event fees, while “Move to Beat Parkinson” is an annual event to raise the awareness of Parkinson and help the community to better understand and accept People with Parkinson.


O’Joy Care Services
VWO Representative Choo Jin Kiat
Contact Number 6749 0190
Organization Needs

O’Joy Care Services was founded in 2004 by a group of professional social workers and counsellors to provide psychosocial care to enhance the well-being of older persons and their families. We are a registered society with charity status, a full member of the NCSS and an IPC since 2007.

For FY 2013/14, a total of about S$922,000 was expended on 568 beneficiaries in our 3 main services, i.e.


Gerontological Counselling (GC) – our social care programme since our founding, is 50% funded by NCSS to provide counselling to older persons and/or their caregivers, delivered at their home, at the day centres or at our centre. Our clients faced age-related risk factors such as decline in health, isolation, grief and loss, financial, abuse etc.


Community Mental Health Intervention Team (COMIT) – our mental healthcare programme is funded by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) / MOH using a multi-disciplinary to provide mental healthcare to persons at risk of, or diagnosed with depression, anxiety and dementia.


Health Oriented Ageing (HOA) – our community care programme is 50% funded by AIC and is targeted at improving eight dimensions of wellness, i.e. interactional, contextual, intellectual, spiritual, sensual, emotional, nutritional and physical, of older residents living in the vicinity of Upper Boon Keng area.


Currently, we have a pool of about 70 volunteers who assist us either as para-counsellors, HOA facilitators or COMIT aides.


The amount raised will be used to fund the unfunded portion of GC and HOA.


Nature Society (Singapore)
VWO Representative Kerry Pereira
Contact Number 6741 2036
Organization Needs

The Nature Society (Singapore) is a non-government, non-profit organisation dedicated to the appreciation, conservation, study and enjoyment of the natural heritage in Singapore, Malaysia and the surrounding region.

Our mission is to promote nature awareness and nature appreciation, to advocate conservation of the natural environment in Singapore, to forge participation and collaboration in local, regional and international efforts in preserving Earth’s biodiversity.


The funds raised will go into:

  1. Conservation of our local biodiversity through our various conservation projects.
  2. Raising more awareness and advocating for the preservation of our local biodiversity and their habitats through our various outreach programmes.
  3. Restoration of habitats in Singapore.
  4. The creation of new material and programmes to promote biodiversity and habitat conservation


National Kidney Foundation Singapore
VWO Representative Roberta Wong
Contact Number 6506 2207
Organization Needs

The NKF is a charitable organisation that provides dialysis treatment and rehabilitative care to kidney failure patients at affordable, subsidised rates. Our philosophy is to care for our patients holistically, aiming to help patients maintain a reasonable quality of life. The NKF also provides health-screening and public education services to raise the community’s awareness on the importance of renal disease prevention.


Funding for regular Dialysis Treatment for needy NKF patients


Nam Hong Welfare Service Society
VWO Representative Aaron Ng
Contact Number 6257 9192
Organization Needs

We provide FREE TCM Medical Services to the elderly and the disadvantaged who otherwise would have difficulty accessing medical care.


We also extend free treatment to elderly persons residing in old folks homes, and home care for those with mobility problems. We treated around 40,000 patients annually in the past 3 years, which is testimony that such services are well received by the public, and the needs are growing with the rapidly aging population.


Our organization is ISO 9001 certified, staffed by experienced full-time physicians and equipped with a computerized patient management system. As an extension of our welfare services, we provide ration for the poor elderly, bursary for disadvantaged students, and free funeral service for elderly persons with no family support.


We also visit the homes of disadvantaged elderly to offer ration & company. Our charity is completely dependent on public donations, and receives no funding from any statutory organizations.


To provide free TCM Medical Treatment to the elderly and the disadvantaged.


Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS)
VWO Representative Siah Peiling
Contact Number 6479 5655
Organization Needs

Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) was founded in May 1962 by a group of philanthropists who saw the need to provide equal opportunities for children with intellectual disabilities to receive education and later, to be integrated as contributing and responsible citizens in Singapore.


Since then, MINDS has grown to become one of the oldest and largest non-governmental organisations catering to the needs of people with intellectual disability in Singapore.


We run 4 Special Education Schools; 3 Employment Development Centres (EDCs); 4 Training and Development Centres (TDCs); 2 Homes (one for adults, one for children); and 1 Hostel (for adults) to cater to the educational, vocational, social and welfare needs of people with intellectual disability.


To further complete our services and ensure sustainable employment opportunities for our clients, we also have our own Curriculum Development Unit, Allied Health Professionals and Social Enterprise Department.


Funds raised will be used in services that are not fully funded, such as centres’ e.g. home based services, residential facilities, staff training, that would aid in maximising the development and well-being of persons with intellectual disability.


Metta Welfare Association
VWO Representative Eilynn Chin
Contact Number 6580 4657
Organization Needs Metta currently supports the following services:

  • Disability Care: Residential care, Day activity care, Respite care and training for the intellectually disabled.
  • Medical Care: Home hospice care for the terminally ill, Day rehabilitative services for elderly and stroke patients.
  • Children Care: Early intervention for children with learning difficulties.
  • Alumni Care: Vocational and arts training, employment assistance and support for graduates of Metta School.
  • Special Education: Special education and vocational training for children with mild intellectual disability and/or autism.
  • Others: welfare services as required by the community.



Mercy Relief
VWO Representative Melissa Chong
Contact Number 6514 6323
Organization Needs

Established in 2003, Mercy Relief is a Singaporean humanitarian organisation which implements both disaster relief and sustainable development programmes in Asia. Its aid programme focuses on providing timely and effective assistance to disaster-stricken communities and has continuously maintained the delivery of emergency aid within 72 hours from the point of appeal for assistance. To date, Mercy Relief has disbursed about S$32.5 million in funds spread across 35 disaster relief and 42 sustainable development initiatives.


In the past 10 years, Mercy Relief has impacted an aggregate of 2 million lives in 23 countries and areas, namely Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, DPR Korea, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, the Maldives, Myanmar, Pakistan, Palestine, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Yemen.


Funds raised will support Mercy Relief’s work in disaster relief. Mercy Relief has sent aid to over 30 disasters in the past 10 years, including most recently: Typhoon Hagupit 2014, Gaza Conflict 2014, Yunnan Earthquake 2014 and Typhoon Haiyan 2013.


Make-A-Wish Foundation Singapore
VWO Representative Dionne Wu
Contact Number 6334 9474
Organization Needs

Make-A-Wish Singapore started in 2003 and is the only wish granting foundation in Singapore. Our mission is to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions between the ages of 3-18 years. We believe each wish experience can make a difference to a child’s life and enrich it with hope, strength and joy.


Make-A-Wish is a global organization that was originally founded in 1980 and inspired by 7 year old Chris Grecius who suffered from leukaemia and yearned to catch ‘the bad guys’. Chris’ wish was fulfilled when he became Arizona’s first and only honorary police officer. Ever since the day Chris got his wish and spurred the start of a magical vision, many other children have had their dreams come true.


Make-A-Wish Singapore has granted more than 1,000 wishes till date and would like to reach out to every medically eligible child in Singapore. As long as there are children diagnosed with a condition, we are committed to granting their wishes and making them feel better, because sometimes, when they feel better, they will get better.


Granting the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions between the ages of 3-18 years.


Lions Club of Singapore Goodwood
VWO Representative Irene Teo
Contact Number 6583 6118
Organization Needs

Every year Lions Club of Singapore Goodwood is committed to assist to raise funds and get donations for the two Lions Home For The Elders located at Bedok South and Toa Payoh Rise.


Lions Home For The Elders is a voluntary welfare organisation, with a total of 354 beds, (including a 42-bed dementia unit) offering residential care for the destitute, frail and the aged sick. It also provide accommodation, medical and nursing care for the elderly suffering or recovering from any sickness and physical disability.


The contributions, however small, will go a long way to bring comfort to the elderly residents in their twilight years.


LCS Goodwood is looking forward to work closely with the YFC 2015 participants to :


  1. Promote awareness of the Lions Home ;
  2. To visit the lonely elderly to bring them cheer ;
  3. To raise more funds to provide the elderly a better quality life, to purchase equipment and assist in the building of the new Lions Home in Bishan


Lions Befrienders Service Association
VWO Representative Alwyn Chia
Contact Number 6681 4963
Organization Needs

About Us:

Our mission at Lions Befrienders is to provide friendship and care for seniors to age in place with community participation, enabling them to enjoy meaningful and enriching lives.


Befriending Services:

Our Befriending Services reaches out to seniors aged 65 years and above, with limited or no family support and at risk of social isolation with the help of about 1,000 befrienders (volunteers) who conduct regular visits to about 2,900 vulnerable seniors islandwide, the majority of whom reside in one or two room rented flats.


Community Outreach Services:

To help seniors age actively in a comfortable and vibrant environment, we run six Senior Activity Centres which reaches out to about 2,500 seniors, providing them with a wide array of activities and programmes that they could participate in.


We also closely monitor the well-being of frail seniors who have limited or no family support and require assistance for daily living activities through case management, counselling services and home visits up to three times a week.


All proceeds raised via YFC 2015 will go toward sustaining the services we provide for our beneficiaries island-wide (Befriending and Community Outreach Services), which help them to age in place with dignity.


HighPoint Community Services Association (HCSA)
VWO Representative Adelene Wee
Contact Number 64402444
Organization Needs

HighPoint Community Services Association’s (HCSA) vision is to be a Life Changing Organisation, passionate to see people and families transformed, living with purpose and hope”.


Our vision is accomplished through our 3 Pillars:


1. Piller One : HighPoint (Mens’ work) :

a) HighPoint Residential Rehabilitation Centre (HRRC):

For men with drug addiction issues or other related addictions. Each individual’s recovery path is addressed through counselling and group work.


b) HighPoint Transitional Living Centre (HTLC) :

In collaboration with SCORE, this centre is the first of its kind to provide accommodation and employment to 80-100 ex-offenders who are annually released from prison.


2. Piller Two : DaySpring (Women, Girls’ & Childrens’ work):

a) DaySpring Residential Treatment Centre and Transition Home (DS- RTC):


DaySpring RTC is Singapore’s first small group residential centre for abused teenage girls aged between 12-16. The centre provides proven clinical therapies for abuse suffered which may be physical, sexual, emotional or neglect.


b) DaySpring New Life Centre (DS -NLC)

DaySpring NLC is a one stop centre that provides help and integrated services to bring healing and restoration, purpose and hope to women and their families facing unsupported pregnancies to make life giving choices.


3. Piller Three : Community Services (the Elderly & Familes in Need)

HCSA’s Community Services befriend and assist the elderly, the lonely and those living in 1 room flats. This is done through monthly home visits, weekly hobby club and monthly outings. We also provides children from under privileged families with tuition and excursions especially during the school holidays. These community events are organized to bring cheer, hope and give them meaning to their lives.


The monies will go to meeting the residential needs of the beneficiaries. It will cover their clinical therapies, counselling, their school (where applicable) and the cost of running each programme under HCSA.


HCA Hospice Care
VWO Representative Wong Siew Wei
Contact Number 6891 9422
Organization Needs
  • Providing palliative and hospice care for people with life limiting illnesses
  • Enabling us to care for our patients


Guide Dogs Association of the Blind
VWO Representative Vanessa Loh
Contact Number 6339 7900
Organization Needs

Guide Dogs Association of the Blind was set up in 2006 with a mission to empower the blind or vision impaired to lead a normal and productive life. Our various training programmes aim to achieve this goal by equipping them the skills to travel safely and independently. We also provide guide dogs to suitable clients. Besides engaging community stake holders in working towards a more inclusive society and a safer environment for the blind and vision impaired, we also seek to raise public awareness, of the importance of a guide dog’s role to its handler. It is pivotal to educate the public as the use of a guide dog is a relatively new concept in Singapore.


To fund the training programmes as follows:

  1. Orientation & Mobility
  2. Eye Live Independently
  3. Guide Dog Programme


Food from the Heart
VWO Representative Maya Sahar
Contact Number 6280 4483
Organization Needs FFTH currently runs 5 programmes to serve the community, benefitting more than 24,000 needy individuals every year.

  • Bread Programme
  • Self-­Collection Centres
  • Food Goodie Bag Programme
  • Toys from The Heart Programme
  • Birthdays from The Heart Programme
  • How You Can Help:
  • Donation of Non-­‑Perishable Food Items (Eg. Rice, Canned Food, Biscuits, Instant Noodles)
  • Organise a Food Donation Drive for FFTH
  • Donation of Toys (Eg. Board Games, LEGO Sets, Card Games)
  • Organise a Toy Donation Drive for FFTH
  • Volunteer for Packing @ FFTH Warehouse
  • Volunteer for Food Distribution @ FFTH Self-­Collection Centre
  • Organise your Own Fundraising Event
  • All proceeds will go towards our 5 programmes


Filos Community Service Ltd
VWO Representative Peggy Ng
Contact Number 6242 5978
Organization Needs


To see effective functioning of individuals and families in Bedok and beyond.



To build resilience and empower individuals and families

Help Needed at Filos:



  • A single dad struggling to bring up his 5 pre-school and primary school aged children.
  • A lady with mental conditions living by herself in her one room flat.
  • A single father unable to work due to medical conditions affecting his movement and sight, who has to singlehandedly support his mother and teenage son.


There are Real Stories.


These are Living Stories.


We need YOU to COME:

  1. Listen to the stories
  2. Reflect on the stories
  3. Participate in the stories
  4. Transform the stories


Come help us:

  • Be a Friend to the Lonely elderly – to be MORE THAN FRIENDS with them through our Befriending Programme for the Elderly.
  • Be a Mentor to the young and Lost – through our Tuition, Lifeskill Equipping and Mentoring Programmes for Children and Youth
  • Be a Support to elderly with Loss of mental abilities – through therapeutic activities in Active Minds Programme for Elderly With Dementia so they may age well in the community


Family Life First
VWO Representative Joanna Khor
Contact Number 6848 4735
Organization Needs

Family Life First focuses on developing the untapped potential of individuals in the society, seeking to provide welfare services, intervention cum lifeskills enrichment programmes to the underprivileged, lower-income families and community-at-large.


The amount raised will be used to run family enrichment programs for underprivileged families and children.


Equestrian Federation of Singapore
VWO Representative Desmond Wong
Contact Number TBC
Organization Needs

The Equestrian Federation of Singapore is an IPC, an NCSS member, and the national sporting body for equestrian sport. Its social arm is the Equine Academy, which delivers equestrian programs to persons under the ‘At-Risk’ and disability/special needs profile.


The Equine Academy’s signature programs are EQUAL (equine-asssisted learning) and Temasek Cares-EQUATE (equine-assisted training and employment). The programs enable individuals to overcome their disadvantages through the acquisition of life skills developed in a carefully constructed equestrian environment.


Our special needs program is Temasek Cares-EQUATE (equine-assisted training and employment), where persons with disabilities/special needs are provided vocational training in general cleaning and/or stable work. They also receive a stipend over the 6-month course, one that is fully sponsored by Temasek Cares.


Outside this operating framework, the difficulty in reaching out to more persons with special needs is the absence of meal or transport allowances, especially for potential students relatively lacking in caregiver or socioeconomic support. For example, an allowance of $10 per day (breakfast, lunch, bus fare) amounts to $1200 per student over the 6 month training period. To some, this amount is considerable.


It is a cause we would present to Youth for Causes, and an opportunity for real-world problem solving. We pledge all excess funds to providing equine-assisted learning to EQUATE students and potential students that they may overcome their disadvantages – one stride at a time.


Epilepsy Care Group (Singapore)
VWO Representative Goh Keng Hwee
Contact Number 6358 0566
Organization Needs

Epilepsy Care Group (Singapore) (ECG) is a voluntary welfare organisation and a registered charity established in 1993 to provide counseling services and act as a support group and resource centre on information on epilepsy, treatment and care to people with epilepsy and their families. ECG now runs a host of programmes focusing on health, wellness (dragon-boating), active sharing and support, self-help, and skills training. ECG also provides epilepsy advisory, job assistance, and personal development programmes, etc.

Epilepsy is the most common neurological disorder involving convulsions, seizures and loss of consciousness. Worldwide, it is estimated that 50 million people suffer from epilepsy. In Singapore, it is estimated that at least 20,000 people suffer from epilepsy.

Although effective treatments to control seizures are currently available, misconceptions of the neurological condition are still prevalent resulting in people with epilepsy suffering from horrendous stigma.

It is the commitment of Epilepsy Care Group (Singapore) to create a society where everyone understands epilepsy and where attitudes towards people with epilepsy are based on fact not fiction.


The funds will be utilized on manpower so as to maintain the daily operation, and also to reach out to people who are diagnosed with epilepsy and help them to learn at a conducive environment so as to communicate and mingle with society.


The funds is to pay to the relevant personnel who will help out current members and future people diagnosed with epilepsy who will be asking for help. These people will also assist the current management in ensuring the annual fund raising activities and lastly is to promote awareness of epilepsy.


The various programmes help to develop a comprehensive support to the PWE and their family.


ECG proactively looks into many initiatives to fill the gaps of the underserved sector of the population with education and training from writing of books and giving talks. Many PWE and public had given feedback that they find them very helpful and empowering.


Through partnership with Cheers convenience stores, the PWE are effectively placed in the mainstream. This works towards society acceptance of them and many prospective employers learning to work alongside with PWE. Thus helping the PWE’s self-reliance and less dependent.


Many PWE and family commented being helped and given therapeutic support from counselling and support group, lifting them from depression and struggles, to move towards positively directional goals in life and move on purposefully.


The management of volunteers is another integral part of ECG where it mobilises volunteers to help support various programmes. PWE and the family were delighted with interacting with them during the programmes and the volunteers have the chance of co-existing with people with epilepsy and learn about the conditions and coping, thus normalising their understanding of them.


For the services that are mentioned to continue, we are therefore seeking funding to support them so that the PWE will continue to be assisted, and the larger society be engaged and benefitting from it as well, beyond the measurement of monetary, growth, and well-being returns. Thus making Singapore a more compassionate society.


Dyslexia Association of Singapore
VWO Representative Chris Ngon
Contact Number 6594 0303
Organization Needs

Registered in 1991, the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) is today a vibrant voluntary welfare organization with over 240 full-time staff who provide a wide array of services for dyslexics not only in Singapore but in the region. DAS Educational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Specialist Psychologists provide support for over 3,000 preschool, primary and secondary school students in 13 centers all over Singapore. Besides the main literacy programme, DAS also provides support in Mathematics, Chinese, English Exam Skills and Speech and Drama Arts. Increasingly, the DAS will provide support for dyslexics who also suffer from other specific learning differences such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyspraxia, dyscalculia and non-verbal learning differences.


The donations raised will bring hope to the less privileged and supporting critical services for the needy in our community.


DAS provides financial assistance to our students from lower income families to ensure that no one is left in the gap and to level their playing field.


Down Syndrome Association Singapore
VWO Representative Andrew Soh
Contact Number 6500 9301
Organization Needs

Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) [DSA] is a self-funding voluntary welfare organisation established since 1996. It strives to ensure that persons with Down syndrome are given the opportunity to achieve their potential in all aspects of community life through the provision of education, enrichment programmes and support services. Today, our members with Down syndrome and their families are benefitting from a wide range of educational programmes such as the Integration Facilitation Support Programme in mainstream schools and the Adult Enhancement Programme for persons 18 years old and above with intellectual disabilities who have graduated from (special) schools. We also have a gamut of Enrichment Programmes such as dance, music, visual arts, art & craft, bowling and gymnastics. All these efforts endeavour to develop and showcase the inherent artistic and sporting talents cum capabilities of every individual with Down syndrome and maximize their quality of life to the fullest.


Adult Enhancement Programme (AEP)

The AEP is a 21st century contemporary programme targeted at young adults with intellectual disabilities, particularly Down syndrome, who have graduated from special schools at 18 years old. The focus of this programme ranges from training on basic life skills to placing our adult learner into open employment and supporting them to succeed in the workplace, if they choose to and are ready.


The programme is delivered with the sole intent of enabling our adult learners to:

  • Be least dependent
  • Manage self-care and activities of daily living
  • Manage independent travel and living
  • Prepare for jobs in external environments
  • Integrate with wider society


In the last one year, the programme has been refined by using an integrated approach centered on the specific needs of each of our adult learners, as we work on the various areas of developmental delays as a whole rather than in parts. This is a language-focused approach that not only engages the mind, but triggers cognition through physical work, relationship building, positive language and motivation.


This method of delivery stimulates all five domains of Physical, Emotional, Cognition, Social and Language development, with the sole purpose of enabling the highest potential in each client to ensure that they have a purposeful life that has meaning for them.


The participation in the programme has grown from 27 adult learners in July 2013 to 34 by the end of June 2014. The growing need for this programme is demonstrated by the fact that DSA receives at least 2 inquiries per month for the AEP.


The programme revolves around activities of Daily living for least dependency and involves Food preparation, Social skills, including emotional regulation and community integration, Physical fitness and Preparation for employment.


Club Rainbow (Singapore)
VWO Representative Clara Lick
Contact Number 6377 1789
Organization Needs

CRS was set up in 1992 to provide a range of comprehensive support services for the families of children suffering from major chronic and potentially life-threatening illnesses. Children in CRS range from newborn babies and youths up to the age of 20 years. They require frequent visits to hospitals for treatment, complicated therapy and long term medication.


On the recommendation of their respective doctors, they will be referred to us for follow up, complementary support services. In this respect, CRS works closely with KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), the National University Hospital (NUH) and the Neonatal ward of the Singapore General Hospital (SGH). Club Rainbow presently helps more than 600 children and their families. Besides, the main office at Upper Cross Street we have two satellite centres located at NUH and KKH.


Funds raised will be used to sustain existing programmes and services.


Christian Outreach to the Handicapped
VWO Representative Hoi Kok Fu
Contact Number 6253 5116
Organization Needs

Christian Outreach to the Handicapped (COH) is an interdenominational not-for-profit organisation. Our vision and mission: We aspire to be outstanding in providing acceptance and hope for people with special needs in Singapore through God’s love.


We serve those who have an intellectual disability (IQ below 70) and may have other accompanying conditions,e.g. down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), etc.


We serve, accept and love regardless of their race, religion or financial background.


We run two activity centers; Tampines and Toa Payoh, from monday to friday.


Addition and Alteration Work for both activity centers at Toa Payoh and Tampines.


Children’s Cancer Foundation
VWO Representative Lynn Ng
Contact Number 6229 3729
Organization Needs

Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) is a non-profit organisation with a mission to improve the quality of life of children with cancer and their families through enhancing their emotional, social and medical well-being.


Founded in 1992, CCF provides children with cancer and their families the much needed support in their battle against the life threatening illness. In a year, CCF helps close to 2000 children and their families at different stages of the illness.


CCF is an independent Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) without government funding. CCF is solely funded by public and corporate donations. The donations raised will facilitate the continued provision and improvement of various programmes and services for CCF’s beneficiaries and their families.


Children-At-Risk Empowerment Association (CARE Singapore)
VWO Representative Nurulhuda Abdul Rahim
Contact Number 6583 3481
Organization Needs

Formed in 1997, Children-At-Risk Empowerment Association (CARE Singapore) is a charitable youth development agency with a mission to help youths succeed in life.


In 2010, CARE was appointed a Centre of Specialisation for Youth Empowerment by NCSS. Besides recognition of expertise and experience, CARE is tasked to raise service quality, standards and

proficiency of practitioners working with at-risk youths nation-wide; hence activating the multiplier effect.


We provide comprehensive socio-emotional support & guidance to youths via school-based and outreach programmes which include: Life-skills Instruction, Counselling, Character, Development, Motivational Engagement, Leadership Development and more importantly, WIT (Whatever It Takes!).


From our students:

“CARE helps build a great foundation for youths. CARE

should continue for future generations. They have helped

me so much, I am even thinking of being a CARE teacher.” – M Nazri


“The program help me to get along with my classmates,

they teach me life skills and help me to understand it. They

make me feel school is not so bad. All schools should have

this program!” – Z Lin


From school educators:

“…we witnessed improvements in the students’ social and

emotional learning, self- motivation and behaviour. As a result

of the skills taught to them through CARE’s caring and nurturing

programmes, the students’ grades have also improved.”


“THANK YOU for a wonderful job done! Our students really

enjoyed themselves…the activities also allowed them to

internalize the school values.”


“…CARE has been a strong partner in nurturing our students

into men and women of character.”


Join us in helping youths succeed!


The amount fundraised will be used to support CARE’s ongoing programmes which covers Life-skills Instruction, Counselling, Character, Development, Motivational Engagement, Leadership Development as well as operational costs.


Child At Street 11 Ltd
VWO Representative Agnes Tan
Contact Number 6455 3681
Organization Needs

Child At Street 11 is a childcare centre run by a registered charity organisation in Singapore for children from disadvantaged homes and abusive backgrounds. It accepts children from all races and religions. The centre runs quality early years programmes for children aged two to six years old from low income families, some of which are from dysfunctional homes.


The centre also runs after-school-care programmes for the graduates from K2 who proceed to Primary school education as they still need continuous support from the centre. About 1/3 of the families are from single parent homes. The centre aims to build a firm foundation for life by providing an early year’s education programme that teachers literacy, numeracy skills as well as social skills. Children are given plenty of opportunities to discover for themselves and build on their strengths through art, music & fun-filled lessons.


The centre enables parents to work to supplement their family income while their children are looked after by qualified and well-trained professionals in the centre. The centre also counsels parents and provides them with more effective ways of looking after their children. The maximum capacity of the centre is about 70 children.


The funds raised will be used to help the children to pay for their fees and to hire the kitchen & support staff to cook healthy meals for the children and clean the centre. It will also be used to hire qualified teaching staff to provide the care & deliver the child-centred programmes including enrichment programmes like English language development, IT-based learning, sports development etc.


Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore
VWO Representative Dawn Lee
Contact Number 6585 5586
Organization Needs

Formerly known as Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore, the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS), was established in 1957 to provide persons with Cerebral Palsy and multiple disabilities with early intervention, special education, rehabilitation services, day activity centre programmes, vocational training and gainful employment in Singapore.


All donations directly benefit our children and adults with Cerebral Palsy. The funds are used to help defray the cost of transport to our centre from their homes, programme fees, therapy rehabilitation equipment, medical expenses, diapers, food rations, public education, caregiver support programmes, and such like, that will help uplift the lives of our needy clients, whose families face financial hardship and have difficulty providing for the special needs of their disabled children.


Centre For Fathering Ltd
VWO Representative Monica Chia
Contact Number 6252 8408
Organization Needs

For more than 10 years, CFF has helped countless families – and fathers in particular – through our father-child experiential programmes and fathering workshops conducted in schools, prisons, religious organisations and companies.


We organise two nation-wide events every year – ‘Eat With Your Family Day’ and ‘Back To School With Dad’ – to remind and encourage fathers to set aside time to be with their families and to help create a culture that promotes involved fathering.



Father-child relationship is a significant factor in the emotional and cognitive development of a child. The bond has a lasting impact on the holistic growth of the child.


This workshop utilizes experiential learning methods to coach fathers to relate with their children. With fun activities and debrief on every activity, the father-child pair will have an unforgettable experience while building a stronger relationship.


Care Corner- Teck Ghee Youth Centre
VWO Representative Gail Yeo
Contact Number 6554 7100
Organization Needs

Care Corner – Teck Ghee Youth Centre (‘CC-TGYC’) is a non-profit Voluntary Welfare Organization registered as a charity with IPC status. CC-TGYC operates programme which engages, empowers and enriches adolescence meaningfully.


Our programmes are tailored towards children and youth aged between 10 and 17 years old who are keen to make new friends, learn new skills, and serve the community. Many of them are from needy, single-parent, or dual income homes and have little parental supervision. We aim to keep the youth off the streets and prepare them for meaningful roles in the society. TGYC aims to help these youths-at-risk so that they will receive the support necessary to get them back on the right path in life.


The money raised through YFC will go towards funding the manpower expenses of the following programmes and services:


1. Youth Club/Drop-in Programme : Care Corner – Teck Ghee Youth Centre operates a Youth Club/Drop-in Centre that provides a safe environment for latchkey children and community youths to hang out and engages them in supervised activities at the Centre. Most of these children and youths are from lower-income families and/or single-parent households – with little or no parental supervision after school hours.


To engage youths and draw them to the Centre, varied activities are planned to target their diverse interests. The identified indoor and outdoor activities so far include Tchoukball, Nerf War, Baking, Ukelele and Guitar, and community service projects. For FY15/16, the Centre will also provide intervention and casework services to meet and address the needs of community youths with issues. The Centre is looking for donors and sponsors to fund this program. This programme will need a budget of $95,000 to cover manpower and operating expenses.


2. Networking & Community Outreach: Networking and community outreach activities are organized regularly and although they have been unfunded, the Centre will continue to provide them to stay relevant and to engage the community.


For FY15/16, the activities will include Family Life programs like parenting talks, parent-child bonding sessions, community survey and community blessing events; CashUp workshop, Crime Prevention Mentoring program, My Manna food distribution project, volunteer training and street outreach to youths in the community. The outreach activities will benefit both the youths and their families. This initiative will need a budget of $85,000 to cover manpower and operating expenses.


Canossaville Children’s Home
VWO Representative Bernadette Png
Contact Number 6748 5777
Organization Needs

Founded in 1941, Canossaville Children’s Home (CCH) offers residential care to girls aged between 4 years to 12 years who come from family situations which may put them at risk. Our Student Care Centre offers before/after school care for boys and girls, providing them with a conducive learning environment.


We work creatively to provide our children with emotional and psychological support. The work we do supports the eventual reintegration of our residents with their families. By cultivating key qualities, our hope is that they will contribute positively to society. The Home is run with the guidance of the Canossian Daughters of Charity.


The funds raised will be used to support the Home in caring for the needs of the Home and the children. These include the running of programmes and any other initiatives that will benefit the children.

Calvary Community Care
VWO Representative Low Chee Seng
Contact Number 6289 3900
Organization Needs

“Registered in March 2010, Calvary Community Care (C3) is a not-for-profit voluntary welfare organization that seeks to serve the needy in the community regardless of race, age, gender or religion. C3 seeks to be a respected charity serving the needy out of love for them relating to them holistically as individuals.


C3’s main focus as a broad-based charity will be on the elderly, youths and children.”


The purpose of the amount of money raised via YFC 2015 is intended to be used for the youths programme which aims to promote resilience specifically in mental health related type of issues. On this note, we are hoping to reach out to a wider spectrum of youths by creating a casual, inviting and non-threatening environment through e.g. a “pop-up café”!


Some of the noticeable benefits of a “pop-up café” are:

  • Highly mobile and relatively easy to setup static centre
  • Youth-centric as atmosphere is casual, relax, cosy, friendly and inviting
  • Timely intervention and appropriate assessment can be administered


Besides this, the money raised via YFC 2015 can also be used for raising awareness on mental health related issues, which is an emerging concern for youths in Singapore, through other platforms and engagements e.g. road shows, public campaign, community services.


Breast Cancer Foundation
VWO Representative Wynne Ng
Contact Number 6933 4739
Organization Needs

BCF is a non-profit organisation set up in 1997 with the mission of eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. To achieve this, it propagates awareness and education through talks, seminars, exhibitions and publications, and advocates early detection through regular screening.


Funds raised will be used for BCF’s BEEP programme:


BCF Education and Empowerment Programmes (BEEP)

Coping with breast cancer and its treatment can be difficult and the ability of all those involved to stay mentally strong and healthy is crucial. Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) is proud to launch BCF Education and Empowerment Programmes (BEEP).

Unique to BCF, this integrated series is aimed at building the right support context for women with breast cancer. Programmes are also provided for advocates and counsellors. A Certificate of Completion, accredited by BCF, will be awarded upon successful completion of the full programme.



Helping survivors regain their optimum lifestyle after breast cancer

  • self-management skills
  • lifestyle changes
  • relaxation and stress management
  • cancer treatment and side effects
  • pain perception



Caregivers will learn the right support techniques to help survivors through every stage

  • listening and responding skills
  • practical and emotional support
  • talking to children about cancer
  • cancer and relationships
  • mindfulness training
  • supporting patients through loss



Enhancing volunteer counselling and support skills

  • understanding self
  • understanding perceptions
  • time and stress management
  • listening and responding skills
  • communicating significant news



Helping corporates and members of the healthcare community be well informed and well placed to render timely support

  • hearing first person accounts
  • psychological support
  • listening and responding skills
  • pain management
  • providing comfort to patients


Boys’ Town
VWO Representative Elaine Chong
Contact Number 6690 5420 ext. 406
Organization Needs

“Boys’ Town is a charity that reaches out to youth-in-need from disadvantaged and disengaged families. Every day, we work with boys and girls who face hardship resulting from difficult living situations; poor nutrition; financial struggles; chaotic home environment; abandonment and abuse. At a young age, they suffer from the absence of love and have to struggle with little resources of their own. Through our residential care centre and street outreach programme (YouthReach), we aim to increase the protection and care for these out-of-home children and help reintegrate them with their families and into society. Our interventions include:


  • Providing access to education and vocational training
  • Providing therapy to evaluate and change destructive behaviour or disturbing thought patterns and encourage new coping skills
  • Developmental programmes to instil positive character and impart life skills
  • Community awareness and support on child protection
  • Home visits and counselling


Each year, we reach out to over 300 youths, of which 80 boys are part of our residential care programme.”


“Fundraising to support the following services and programmes:


  • Specialised care including therapy, counselling and developmental programmes for children suffering from physical and sexual abuse, developmental disorders, severe ADHD etc.
  • Food, transport and education for youths from disadvantaged and disengaged families, e.g. victim of neglect or domestic violence, single-parent or broken homes, financially challenged
  • Street outreach to provide socio-emotional support to vulnerable boys and girls, e.g. support runaway youths in returning home, defuse confrontations between conflicting groups, relocate intoxicated youth to a place of safety, and work with the authorities on a rehabilitative programme for youth struggling to leave gang-related activities.”

Bone Marrow Donor Programme
VWO Representative Elise Lee
Contact Number 6340 1040 ext. 702
Organization Needs

The Bone Marrow Donor Programme is responsible for building and managing Singapore’s only register of volunteer donors who are willing to donate their bone marrow to save the lives of patients with leukaemia, lymphoma and other blood related diseases. With 6 Singaporeans diagnosed daily with blood related diseases, the preferred treatment is a bone marrow transplant and their survival depends on a matching donor.


With the odd of 1:20,000 of finding a match in general population, there is an urgency to grow the register. BMDP has an ambitious target to sign up 10,000 new donor annually. This requires finance and the ability to influence! You can help us recruit more heroes and raise fund to support our lives-saving work. Be the hero and the catalyst of change!


A financial donation to the Bone Marrow Donor Programme helps patients with terminal blood diseases to have a second chance of life. Every S$150.00 adds another new donor to the register and the more donors we have, the more lives we save. The amount raised by Youth For Causes participants will be used to add more volunteer bone marrow donors into the register. We are aiming to recruit 10,000 new donors annually and this will cost $1.5 million per year.

Bizlink Centre Singapore Ltd
VWO Representative Fahariah Yeo
Contact Number 6449 5652
Organization Needs Bizlink Centre is a non-profit organization that aims to provide comprehensive employment services to the disadvantaged, mainly persons with disabilities (PWDs). We provide assistance through our day activity centre, work therapy programme and training programme. We also provide employment under our social enterprises – cleaning services, data entry, packing services, manpower outsourcing, cards and gifts, floral and hampers and food and beverage.


Beyond Social Services
VWO Representative Jolene Fok
Contact Number 6375 2940
Organization Needs

Beyond Social Services is a charity dedicated to reducing delinquency among children and youths from less privileged backgrounds. It provides guidance, care, protection and resources that keep young people in school and out of trouble.   We are currently operating in 5 different rental housing areas with a view of facilitating mutual help and a strong community spirit among residents.


We believe that when more residents begin looking out for each other, their efforts will go some way toward creating a neighbourhood where children and youths are resilient against negative influences.


Our teams are currently in a small part of Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Ho Swee, Henderson, Lengkok Bahru and Whampoa. We work with families with children as young as infants up to youth aged 25.


The funds raised will go towards general donations of Beyond Social Services and will be utilised towards the Youth United (YU) Programme. YU’s goals are as follows :


  1. Youths-at-risk are identified early and kept at bay from delinquent activities by their participation in activities that develop their leadership potential, cultivate responsible behaviour, strengthen family ties and increase their involvement in the community.
  2. Youth-at-risk live in neighbourhoods that take a restorative approach towards youth issues especially their anti-social behaviours and are concerned about their healthy development, their future and their families.
  3. To motivate youth serving organizations and others in our larger community to direct resources towards initiatives that create a more inclusive environment for youths-at-risk as well as those that strengthen their families or develop protective factors in their community.


Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE)
VWO Representative Nabilah Husna
Contact Number 6779 7137
Organization Needs

We Can! Singapore took off at the beginning of 2013. With the tagline Change starts with me, the campaign uses interactive theatre, intimate workshops, and collaborative projects to reach out to individual Change Makers as well as community groups, provoking thought and discussion on the less obvious forms of violence against women.


We Can! builds on the belief that change can be achieved when people recognise the problem of violence against women as their own, know that there is a better alternative, and feel empowered to make that change happen.


Through individual Change Makers and community alliances, the campaign hopes to transform underlying social attitudes and beliefs that tolerate violence against women.


The amount raised by YFC 2015 participants can be used to fund Change Maker projects & events created by the youth volunteers. Change Maker projects are initiatives for positive change based on ideas that come from Change Makers. The campaign will provide guidance, support, resources and a platform for Change Makers to share their ideas with others and implement them. The project/event must meet one or more campaign objectives and be aligned with campaign values/messages and approach.


Asian Women's Welfare Association
VWO Representative Ivy Ma
Contact Number 6511 5214
Organization Needs

Asian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA) is a voluntary welfare organisation formed in 1970 and has grown to serve over 5,000 caregivers, clients with special needs, elderly and families in Singapore today.


Throughout the years, AWWA stays faithful to its mission in empowering the disadvantaged to maximise their potential to lead dignified and independent lives. We aspire to be recognised as a model social service provider in Singapore and the region and we aim to continually pioneer and develop comprehensive range of services from infancy to old age to fulfil our mission and aspiration. Since our establishment, AWWA has received several awards for its excellence in voluntary services such as the UN Community Excellence Award, Family & Resource Training Centre (FRTC) Innovative Programme Award and the prestigious inaugural President’s Award for Volunteerism (Non-Profit) in 2012.

Some of our programmes are Family Service Centre, Senior Activity Centre, READYCARE Centre, Community Home, Dementia Day Care Centre, AWWA School, Resource Centre, Early Years Centre, TEACH ME, SMILES, Development Support Programme and Centre for Caregivers. We also provide home-based care for seniors, children and youth.

Every year, AWWA needs to raise about $2 million to cover operating costs and to ensure sustainability of our projects without disruptions. The amount of money raised via YFC2015 will go into reaching this target.


Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES)
VWO Representative Gretchen Ong
Contact Number 6892 9821
Organization Needs

ACRES is a local charity organisation which focuses on local wildlife rescue and welfare of wildlife in Southeast Asia. ACRES runs a wildlife rescue centre with a non-kill policy and currently houses over 150 wild animals rescued by our 24 hour wildlife rescue team. Besides our rescue and rehabilitation efforts, ACRES also does education and outreach activities in order to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and preserving nature to the members of public.


There are over 150 wild animals that are currently housed in our wildlife rescue centre. Funds raised will allow us to continue our work in rescuing all wild animals such as pythons, monitor lizards, civets & etc. Also, this will allow us to conduct education and outreach activities in order to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and preserving nature to the members of public.


aLife Ltd


VWO Representative Mervin Leong
Contact Number 6258 8816
Organization Needs

aLife is a secular, non-profit voluntary welfare organisation that was founded in 2002. We are committed to nurturing and promoting healthy family life, by educating and supporting families through counselling and public education. aLife also provides children’s enrichment programme called the Caterpillar Club. The Caterpillar Club aims to:


• Strengthen the children’s character, identity and resilience;

• Enhance the their self-esteem and help them develop desirable social habits;

• Equip them with necessary life skills which will benefit them in their daily lives and adulthood; and

• Improve their English language skills.


The fund raised will be used to support aLife’s children enrichment programme called the Caterpillar Club as waiver will be granted to children whose family income is below $2000 or per capita income is below $600. In addition, some of the funds will be used as a transport allowance for the children from the lower income families to travel to the centre to attend the programme and bursaries. The other funds will be used for public educational programme such as sexuality talks for teenagers, female wellness talks and marriage enrichment programme so that those needy will also benefit from the programmes.