YMCA Youth For Causes 2024: Causes you can support

The YMCA Youth For Causes (YFC) 2024 programme is back! Up to 100 teams will be provided seeding funding of $1,200, mentorship and training so that the teams can effectively raise awareness and funds for the social cause of their choice.

The YFC DNA lives on—to rise above challenging circumstances and bring positive impact through creative methods. May we serve and create a better Singapore for tomorrow!

What is a social service agency?

According to the Ministry of Social and Family Development, a social service agency (SSA) is a non- profit organisation that provides welfare services and/or services that benefit the community at large.

SSAs are typically set up as societies, companies limited by guarantee or trusts. As long as the organisation is set up exclusively for charitable purposes and carries out activities to achieve these purposes, it must register itself as a charity.

Criteria for participating SSAs
  • Local charitable organisation in Singapore.
  • Possess an Institution of Public Character (IPC) status that is valid beyond the end of the YFC Project Implementation period in August.
  • Fulfil a social need as its core mission.
  • Member of NCSS, including selected organizations championing animal/environment causes (List of NCSS Members).
  • Assign adequate manpower and give full support to the teams in their public awareness, volunteer mobilisation and fundraising efforts.
  • Approved by the YFC Secretariat.
Guiding questions
  • Different SSAs meet different needs, such as children, youths, elderly, special needs, animals and environment. Therefore, what cause is your team passionate about?
  • How can your proposal and project align with their mission and objectives?
  • How can your team help in terms of the mobilisation of public awareness, funds and volunteers?
  • How can your team meet the unmet needs of the SSAs through social innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit?
  • How will the SSA use the money that your team will raise?
  • How can you continue to support the SSA beyond your YFC journey?

Should you wish to choose an organisation that is not on this list, please contact yfc@ymca.org.sg.


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