Sea Of Hope

Project Highlights

Fold-A-Fish Project

  • The team was featured in the Singapore Book of Records for the most number of paper fishes folded in an hour.
  • In the final event, close to 1300 participants and 100 facilitators came together to fold fishes for the cause across a time frame of 1 hour, where public awareness was raised.
  • The event used completely recycled paper and magazines collected prior to the event to raise awareness on environmental protection with funds raised for a social cause.
  • Seventy seven thousand, seven hundred and seventy six (77,776) fish were folded.
  • At the end of the event, the fishes were sent for the Adopt-A-Fish Event, where it was sold to the public. Remaining fishes were sent for recycling.

Team Members

Shaun Ko, Rebecca Ng, Ruolan Wei, Syawal Malik

Social Cause

Tan Tock Seng Hospital Community Charity Fund

School Represented

Millennia Institute

Estimated Public Awareness


No. of Volunteers Mobilised


Funds Raised

Team Reflections

Through this project, I’ve learnt many new things about my team members, the people around me, and also about myself. I am glad that I have done this much to help the needy patients for TTSH, yet, I feel that I have yet to adequately return to the community. All the exhilaration in finally breaking a record, the late nights spent discussing and finding loopholes in our event, and afternoons spent devising ways to get more public donations, will be something that I will never forget. My experiences with YFC have no doubt spurred me on to continue giving back to the community in ways that I can, even in the future.

As a YFC Participant, always strive to bear in mind that you are not doing this for personal glory and that your actions can truly make a difference in someone else’s life.