Marshy Marrow

Project Highlights

Are you my match? Campaign

  • Four volunteers wore bridal clothes and walked along the crowded streets of Singapore.
  • Their message was this: The chance of getting a bone marrow match is as low as finding a perfect life-long partner. They also sold Hershey Kisses to donors.
  • Conducted a school registration drive, recruiting 140 potential donors.

Team Members

Chengpei Liu, Ryan Zhong, Shiann Yi Kuah, Dixin Qian

Social Cause

Bone Marrow Donor Programme

School Represented

National Junior College

Estimated Public Awareness


No. of Volunteers Mobilised


Funds Raised

Team Reflections

Being able to embark on a project with the Bone Marrow Donor Programme (Singapore) really inspired me to cherish what I have and also gave me a perspective to care for the community and the people around me. Despite Singapore being an advanced society and equipped with state of the art medical facilities, there are still individuals out there that needs the support and contributions within the Singapore community. They suffer from blood-related diseases due to the fact that there are no matching donors available or that the waiting list is far too long. Being able to raise the public’s awareness on such a meaningful cause and being able to physically tackle the ever-increasing number of the odds of identifying a suitable match is truly encouraging despite all the hard work and effort put into the preparation.