Faith In Humanity Restored (FIHR)

Project Highlights
  • Mission to make Singapore a more green and sustainable country.
  • Organized workshops for 10 pre-schools to teach the children green habits and informed them about our degrading environment.
  • Prioritized real actions that can create awareness. Therefore, they created “Pledge Boards”, with inspirational quotes about their environment, for donors to put their names on it. It was publicly displayed in crowded locations.
  • Made sure to sell something people are willing to buy, even if it were not for charity. Therefore, they sold snake plants, with many environmental benefits such as being a rich source of oxygen and removing contaminants from the air. They worked closely with a whole-sale nursery to do so.

Team Members

Emil Lim, Bradley Lim, Tan Wei Chuan, Gui Ming Jiang

Social Cause

Singapore Environment Council

School Represented

Hwa Chong Institution

Estimated Public Awareness


No. of Volunteers Mobilised


Funds Raised

Team Reflections

You want to make $500 million selling violent video games to children? No problem! But if you want to earn $500,000 curing Malaria, you are considered a parasite yourself. FIHR was established to break this double standard. We urge every other YFC group to rethink charity, reassess if the impacts they are making is indeed real, reinvent how they operate and redefine their core belief. To make this world a better place, we have to do charity better.