Project Keep In Touch

Project Highlights
  • Organized the 100 Family Portraits which was targeted at underprivileged families by providing them with food and photography services.
  • Created a film for TOUCH Centre for Independent Learning (TCIL) to mark its 25th anniversary.
  • Engaged their beneficiaries through the street sales, in the hope that the beneficiaries would be more confident and feel appreciated when they sold handmade products.
  • Created and sold innovative products like keyboard key chains and credit card guitar picks, which were made from recycled materials.

Team Members

Yang Zhi Sim, Zhe Yi Lee, Tessa Ng, Dingg Yang

Social Cause

Touch Community Services

School Represented

Hwa Chong Institution, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

Estimated Public Awareness


No. of Volunteers Mobilised


Funds Raised

Team Reflections

“Nobody Gets Left Behind”. As our motto, Project Keep In Touch wants to build an inclusive society where every individual member has a heart for each other. With our three key tenets of environmentalism, professionalism and sustainability, we sought to breathe new life into old and unwanted things as we sought to shift the community’s mind-set towards the underprivileged in Singapore—especially the financially underprivileged and people with intellectual disabilities.

Always remember the objective you have in mind, and the fire that burnt brightly within you at the start of your project. Keep the fire blazing, and use it to bring everyone forward together.